Friday, March 15, 2013


Thank goodness it's FINALLY Friday!  I have been wishing people a good weekend for the last two days.  Today I mean it!  Lots in store for the weekend, oddly enough... :)

Lulabelle goes into the shop early tomorrow morning - it's been a rough week and we are hanging on by our fingernails.  I have so many things crossed on my way to/from work, it's a wonder I can drive.  I'm borrowing Dad's pickup for the weekend and will go up and get Lulabelle out of hock Monday morning.

While I have the truck, I am taking advantage of a fencing sale and picking up (figuratively speaking, of course - I plan on standing and looking helpless until some burly guy loads it in my truck) a roll of 48x100 welded wire fence so I can kid-proof the goat's pasture and all the gates.  I am assuming that Sage's offspring will be the size of a small Labrador puppy (or two).

Someone is interested in buying my floor loom (woot!) and will be coming Sunday morning to look at it and - hopefully - buy it and take it home.  That goes straight into the Lulabelle Fund!  That also means that I have to dust the sucker and get it in viewing mode.

Parental units are having an overnight - which is always fun!  My dad (all 90.5 years of him) usually lasts only  five minutes before he's looking for something to do.  I usually arm him with my broom and off he goes to clean the deck.  He's amazing.  I've invited their best friends (and my neighbors) over for St. Patty's Day dinner on Sunday, along with another neighbor.  They all sit and chatter away while I fix dinner.  It will be an early meal, so I will still have time to wind down before the dreaded Sunday Night.

I've been experimenting with GF baking and have had some success.  (I hope you don't expect pictures - let's all just use our imaginations!!!)  I made an applesauce spice cake with dark raisins (picture: 8" square green Bennington Potters baking dish, filled with aromatic, dark brown cake, speckled with spices and dotted with raisins) that fooled even the barn guys.  I am going to attempt a GF Irish Soda Bread, and will be making a most delicious maple walnut tart (GF version) that I found here.   Aside:  I just started following her blog - each post is like a little piece of art.  One look at her photograph of baked fennel and I became Pavlov's dog.  That's on my to-make list as well.  I have to say that the breakthrough is due to my discovery of GF Mama's Almond Flour Blend and Coconut Flour Blend.  Heaven!  Since I don't bake often any more, it's affordable.  Because, as we of the GF following know, GF = Go Fish in your pockets for cash!  Cha-ching!!


  1. What happens on "the dreaded Sunday night?"

    P.S. Good luck on the car repair bill.

    1. Mama Pea - It's followed by the even-more-dreaded Monday Morning! I am braced for a big bill, but this car has been a brick for years, so I guess it's time.

  2. Well try to have a little fun this weekend. Although wrestling fence in not my idea of fun. Now is this a trauma Bernie can handle, or will this send her in need of a doggie valium? Or a green doggie beer.

  3. Have fun with your fencing...
    Enjoy your weekend and try not to work too hard, and happy St. Pattys day too!

  4. I hope all went well this weekend and your St Paddy's Day was awesome!