Thursday, September 5, 2013

Never a dull moment.

Apparently, even though my hearing of late has been less than stereo, I can 'sense' goat angst.  Tuesday morning, I thought I heard more than the usual hysteria from the goat barn.  Through closed windows and doors.  I high-stepped out the door, across the deck, took the corner on one wheel and heard Apple in distress.  Since I am too old and inflexible to leap tall fences without seriously harming myself, I had to pause and unhook the gate.  Apple had managed to get her noggin wrapped in a piece of baling twine and was almost hanging herself.  Thank goodness she and I have a 'relationship'.  As soon as she saw me, she relaxed and let me untangle her.  Then they ALL realized I was in the barn without a food offering.  The din.

Wednesday morning.  Rinse.  Repeat.  This time, she had gotten her head jammed in the opening in one of the pallets I use as a divider fence.  I thought I was going to have to grease up her little noggin to get it out, but we managed.  She is always grateful.  Then, the din.

Wednesday early evening.  I am heading down the mountain and my oil pressure indicator starts flashing.  Upon arrival in my driveway, I let the engine cool down slightly, spend a goodly amount of time trying to locate the carefully placed (hidden) unlatcher for the front hood, and discover that I have about a tablespoon of oil left in the car.  I add two quarts and put one in the boot just in case - I am scheduled for an oil change on Saturday.  Which, I am sure, will also involve finding and fixing an oil leak.

Later Wednesday evening.  Tiny manages to wedge himself between the little coop and the fence.  Tightly.

A little later that same evening.  Alice thinks that is a GREAT idea.  I gave Squeak the Stink Eye, in case he had any big ideas.

Is it any wonder I can never get anything done?


  1. LOL.....your critters are trying to entertain you!!!

    We found with our truck and the extreme heat here the oil dissipates. This happened twice and we had barely no oil in the truck. We had to change the type of oil we put in the truck to high mileage oil, Pennzoil. It really makes a difference.

  2. Geesh. Having animals is so much like having kids. We seem to think we want them . . . but then have to wonder why. ;o)

  3. I swear that my goats WANT to die. Just yesterday I had to wrangle New Goat's head out of the cattle panels. She had crammed her cranium in a section that was doubled up therefore the hole was half the size it normally is. I have NO idea how she got her noggin through there in the first place, but she also managed to get her front leg through. If it weren't for the fact that I was in there changing out water buckets and heard the gawdawful goat-bleating I wouldn't have been out there for another four or so hours as we went into town. I have no doubt that she would have strangled herself.

  4. Oh man. I'd want to just put sheet metal over everything! No getting hung up anywhere. Of course it would cost major $ and then there's the lack of safety with sharp edges. Ah well.....

  5. My car doesn't leak oil, it just consumes it. My neighbor, an ex-mechanic, suggested that I switch to a synthetic oil. It costs more but it causes the seals and rings to swell which should help with losing oil. Maybe that would help you too.

    As for the goats, I have no words of wisdom, just giggles :)

  6. Aren't they just the sweetest little darlings?!? NOT!! We seem to be past the head-stuck-in-the-fence stage around here, thank goodness.
    I hope they get your vehicle back in tip-top shape.

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  8. My parents had goats. I can picture everything, hilarious.