Saturday, November 29, 2014

Good People.

This was my Thanksgiving view.  We got over a foot of snow on Wednesday into Thanksgiving morning.  What a treat! (dripping sarcasm here...)  My sister was driving up from Newark NJ to spend Thanksgiving with us.  In a rental car.  With no snow tires, shovel, flares, blankets or other winter gear.  Bless her heart, she made it to within 15 miles of me, averaging 30 mph.  It took almost six hours.  She made it to the first hill on her long journey, and then she could go no further.

An aside here,  For those of you who think that our highway departments - who face winter every stinkin year, and who had been listening, I am sure, to the same dire warnings of the oncoming nor'easter for a week prior to its arrival - would have had the roads cleared to make sure that this, the most-traveled day of THE ENTIRE YEAR, would be safe, would be wrong.  Not a plow in sight.  I do believe they sit in their garages waiting for the clock to strike overtime.  Dastards.  I digress.

She and I had been in regular contact through the white-knuckle drive.  We were both a wreck, but I wasn't driving.  I was cleaning surfaces - something I do when I am highly stressed.  She said she was going to try to get her car off the road and was going to knock on the door of a house that was nearby with the lights on.  The next call came minutes later - she had parked her car in their driveway and could I pick her up.  I got the address and headed out - even with four wheel drive, the road was treacherous.  I am still amazed that she made it as far as she did in one piece.

Turns out she had knocked on the perfect door.  The Universe had directed her to a family who is the poster-family for kindness, warmth and hospitality.  Not only did they insist she park her car in their nice, shoveled driveway, but invited her in to use the bathroom, made her a cup of tea and fed her cookies.  They let her leave her car overnight so that we could come get it the next morning when the roads were clear (triple overtime guarantees clear roads).  When we arrived to pick up her car, they had cleaned it off before they left for their own Thanksgiving trip.  I tell you, the whole experience gave me a new and kinder view on humanity.

The storm abated and left every surface with a coating of snow.  It was beautiful.  Until I had to shovel it...

Pepper loves his Aunt Cynthia and was quite crushed when I didn't bring her back on Thursday.  He has been watching the cats and has discovered a way to insert himself in your view at every level.  My sister heads back today, thankfully with clear roads and nothing more than arctic temperatures.  If this is an omen of winter to come, I might as well sew myself into my long johns right now.


  1. glad your sister made it safely and found those wonderful people.

  2. Oh I am so happy it turned out. That is the scary part of winter for sure. There are a lot of wonderful people out there. Glad your sister and you had that time together. Hug B

  3. So glad your sister found a nice family & made it to you safely. Pepper is such a cutie, looks like he's saying "just pet me, please".

  4. Over a foot of snow! Holey Moley. I wonder if any of it will melt or if it's the base for your winter's build-up.

    We hear so much about the not-so-nice people in society, it's easy to forget that there are lots more kind, warm-hearted, good folks out there. It must have meant the world to your sister when she found she had found a "storm home." (Remember Garrison Keillor's monolog about that?)

    I love the way Pepper always looks like he's smiling. Is that one of your sculptures looking over his shoulder?

  5. Great story. I think there's lots of kindness out there, unsung heroes. I'd bake them something yummy as a thank you!!!! Pepper is just so dang cute!

  6. I would have bailed long before your sister did, nerves of steel I must say. What a little ham that Pepper is, too cute.

  7. Your sister is a pretty brave woman to drive under conditions like this. Great everything turned out o.k. Now on the subject of Pepper, I wonder if he can be cloned?

  8. A foot of snow already? UGH! Glad to hear your sister got "stranded" with such nice strangers! Always scarey knocking at a strangers door, Hope your road crew takes better care of those roads!

  9. Susan,

    It's good to hear you were able to spend time with your sister, and things worked out with knocking on the door of strangers.