Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mind the Gap!

Interestingly, that is the strongest memory I have of my trip to London.  The polite warning on the Tube.  And of course, Harrod's Food Court.  Lawsymercy. 

There needs to be a gap in my posts (even longer than of late, that is) and I didn't want anyone to think I'd fallen in a hole, or had been trampled by the world's largest Chocolate Lab (Dexter).  I have gotten myself in quite a busy streak - work, yard sale, major projects - and I am going to be putting the pedal to the metal from now until the end of our glorious long weekend.  There will be little time for fun.  Poop. 

And, yes, there will be lots of poop.  There is always lots of poop.  Chicken coop must be cleaned.  My sister's little flock of three must be melded into the flock with the minimum of bloodshed.  The run-in shed must be cleaned out.  The yard sale must go on. 

I promise to take pictures and make up for the gap next week.  Wish me luck.... :)


  1. Good luck with the extra work & good luck with the garage sale. Hope you can take just a few minutes for some you time.

  2. I think we all realize--you never rest. Good luck surviving the first week of the "restful season". Ha. Haha. Hahahahhahahhahhahaha.
    As for the poop--hubby hauled me 5 truckloads of donkey doo last week- and I got to say---You always give me SH$#. I adore him!

  3. It is the time for much to do and so much to do it! Be safe and in the melee do take time for yourself!

  4. I know where you're coming from, Sister, I know! Love and hugs and don't over-do. Hahahahahaha!

  5. Susan,

    It seems the work levels at home never subside. Don't work to hard my friend, remember to do something for yourself this weekend......even if it's just for 15 minutes.