Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This is how it went...

I am going to start lobbying for a second Sunday.  Anybody want to sign on?

Another action-packed weekend that left me little more than a blob of sweaty flotsam by Sunday evening (charming visual, no?)  I did have a nice plan, but, as always, the Universe had another plan and the Universe rules.  Instead of a leisurely Saturday as planned, I had to leave at 7:15 in the morning to get to the mechanics at 8 where, oh joy, I had yet another wheel bearing replaced.  That makes three.  Thank goodness I only have one wheel left.  Then it was a race with the clock - from mechanics in Vermont to feed store in Massachusetts, to home in New York.  Then the dogs are let out, I get gussied up, out I go to my neighbor's granddaughter's wedding.  It was an interesting affair - a great opportunity for people watching.  It's absolutely amazing what some people consider wedding attire.  Many, MANY tattoos.  A quick appearance at the reception, then back home to change and head to Vermont (again) to celebrate my sister's official 'move in' date.  Then back home.  The dogs reminded me of those rear window things, where the heads bobble around.  They were very happy when I stayed put.  That made four of us.

The Nuggets

Nuggets' Quonset hut weatherized.

Sunday morning I was back out of the door at 8 to meet a neighbor for breakfast at the last Firehouse breakfast of the summer.  I had packed my car to the brim with un-usable bits and bobs from the yard sale and recycling so that I could continue on after breakfast to the town's transfer station.  From whence I traveled to pick up my helper.  Let me tell you, that girl can work!  She managed to clean at least 95% of the run-in shed, down about 8 inches in a couple of hours.  That freed me to dart around doing things I wouldn't have been able to do - transplant sunflowers, weed, rake the hay from around the sheeps' winter feeder, do my laundry, tidy up the compost, work on the electric fencing.  Then we headed up the mountain, where I picked up a table, dropped her off, headed back and met up with another neighbor to go back up the mountain and pick up 35 bales of hay, when I then stacked.  Then off for more moving.  I was knackered and the dogs were back to bobble-heads.  Of course, they got two marrow bones apiece from pure guilt.  How they suffer...

I also managed to sell six dozen eggs over the weekend!  My helper is coming back this weekend to finish the job and help me clean out the big brooder and put mulch around the raised beds.  She is working off my small coop, which she wants for her silkie flock.  I am happy to oblige.  I am also happy there is an end date because, as great as it is to have help, I am not thrilled with all the driving and listening how boring her life is.  I cannot relate. 


  1. You definitely deserve another Sunday. Wow. That's a lot in one weekend. And here I thought I was busy just canning strawberry jam, ha ha!

  2. I am tired just reading about your weekend!

  3. wow...busy weekend! it must be good to have so much done!

  4. If you ever retire (!) from your day job and have 7 days each week to work on the homestead and your 1,001 other related activities . . . well, you will need either a very large anchor tied to your leg (to keep you from moving like the whirling dervish you are) or someone to physically hold you to a slower pace!

    So glad to hear your hired help is a good worker. There aren't many of those around anymore! And you are bartering for her salary . . . sweet deal!

  5. Susan,

    Your life is never boring, lol....... your helper needs to walk a mile in your shoes to see how much you do.

  6. THRILLED to hear your worker is working out! And I agree with Mama Pea; I worry about you surviving retirement!

  7. You got that right, boring is just not in your vocabulary. I honestly don't see how you do it weekend after weekend. That wedding sounds very interesting ...

  8. Wow. Where does one get such a worker? Good help is sooooo difficult to find around here, even when you PAY them. Amazing.
    Congrats on the final move-in for your sister, that must be awesome to have her there with you guys! Did you get some pics from the wedding? I LOVE me some people-watching :)

  9. Atleast you have a helper! You sure do a lot of driving too. One thing about rural living. At my one daughter's wedding one family wore jeans, went out to McDonald's for food, bought beer, and came back and got tanked. Everyone else was dressed up, had great food and wine. They were spoken to by the groom's family, but the damage was done. What idiots...