Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Zig Zag

I am flexible, if I am nothing else.  This does not, unfortunately, include my joints.  Those are NOT so flexible.  However, my plans, schedules, time, focus are all flexible.  Because they have to be.  I don't think I can remember one weekend that went as planned.  Why do I bother planning?  So I can lull myself into a false sense of control.  I settle for organized chaos crammed into one day.

One of the things that is helping bungee down my sanity is the appearance of the Short List.  This is  limited to four (maybe five) chores that I very much want to get done during my weekend.  My Short List is printed on my dry erase board (thank you, Sylvie) where I cannot miss seeing it.  I also still have my Chapter List, but that is now so daunting that I tend to put it at the bottom of various stacks.  Right now, I believe, it is residing under two stacked boxes of canning jars on my dining room table.

On my Short List this past weekend:

Finish Painting the Shed
Weed Front Flower Bed
Dig Potatoes
Clean Behind Sheep Feeder
Pull Waxed Beans
 Not bad.  I had all my painting gear ready on Sunday, but got waylaid by a phone call from a neighbor who's early apples were falling and did I want them for the sheep?  You betcha!  So I zoomed over with two 5 gallon buckets and filled them.  And filled a bag for me.  I am not sure what kind of apple tree it is - the apples are smallish, pale yellow, with a sweet-tart taste.  She also gave me half a loaf of GF bread, a spaghetti squash and a zucchini. 
I came home and smooshed some apples for the sheep - the llama will trample anything in her path to get her apples.  It's the only time I've ever seen her spit - usually on Norman, who is always in the way. 
Saturday was spent cooking - crustless cranberry pie (GF version), fruit tart, flat beans and bacon, cucumber/tomato/sweet onion salad.  I picked up peaches from DS Melanie, stopped for sweet corn, stopped and picked up a beef tenderloin, and joined up with the family to celebrate my DS Connie's birthday with a grilling session.  Got to see my nephew and his truly adorable girlfriend, parents, sister and BIL.  Only one missing was my DS Baby Legend (inside joke), who was rockin' in Boston.


  1. Seems Mama Pea is in a painting mood. Perhaps you can call her?

  2. Susan - Thanks a lot, Sue. A whole heck of a lot!! (You both know if it were possible, I would gladly have finished painting that shed.) I actually like painting. Just not another whole house this year, thank you very much.

    Those apples you got, Susan, sound as though they would make fantastic applesauce. Hope I can come across (by hook or by crook) some good apples for sauce this year as the apples on our trees (all six of 'em . . . apples, not trees) are still the size of a crab apple and will never mature by frost. Sigh.

  3. We have a list of short projects (as in less than a day, supposedly) but not a short list. I think Dan would like that because the project list remains quite lengthy! Like you, we've learned that flexibility is a must, just in case those apple kind of opportunities come along. Sounds like a really good score.

  4. We have a list on our fridge for such things too! I find it exhilarating when we get to cross off one by one and although the list usually gets added on to....but I love it when its all done! Best feeling in the world!