Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Birthday Pups!

My boy.  Sweet 16! A Pisces.

Lovey Dovey is 4! (We were so poor we had to
share a birthday bow...) A Capricorn - that's my girl!

The Pepperoni is 12!  (Where's the steak?) A Gemini!

Their birthdays, of course, are not all on the same day.  But....since I am trying to will Scrappy to live until he's 30....I figured it was just easier to wait until the last one (The Pepperoni) had a birthday and then celebrate all together.  And, yes, there was steak all around.  Our little Gemini, however, had a very small piece and no birthday cake.  He is rotund or, as we shepherds say, 'fluffy'.


  1. Happy Birthday, dear doggies!

  2. Sounds like a marvelous celebration!

  3. Happy birthday to your pooches....they are a delight to read about.

  4. Happy Birthday to your pups! i have to agree though that your little Gemini is to put this gently....fat as one of my cats - bahahahah! thanks for sharing the pics...i love seeing pics of other people's babies!

    sending love. your friend,

  5. Susan,

    A super duper Happy Birthday to your 3 furbies. I can actually see each one enjoying the red ribbon, and getting their picture taken.


  6. One of my dogs is 18 and has Anal Surprise Syndrome but we still love her, just not her loose sphincter. Your pups are adorable!

  7. On behalf of the threesome, thank you for your kind words and birthday wishes. Scrappy also would like to add that, while he hasn't reached the age of Anal Surprise Syndrome (ASS), he hasn't ruled it out, either. He HAS 'surprised' me with LPS - Leaky Pee Syndrome.