Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fusion = Fancy-Schmancy Leftovers.

I do believe my youngest sister was the first cook to use fusion.  When we were tall enough for our chins to clear the kitchen counters, my mother put us to work.  She made it so much fun, however, that we are still all three very inventive and happy cooks.  To give herself a day off (cleverly disguised as a SPECIAL EVENT), once a month we took turns planning and cooking Sunday dinner.  My middle sister and I were relatively sedate in our selections (although my Lobster Newburg got the kibosh), while the youngest threw herself into Mom's cookbooks with reckless abandon.  Ergo: Swedish Meatballs with Fried Rice.  To Mom's credit (and my father, by default), nothing was ever discouraged (except for the aforementioned lobster dish - too pricey for our limited income).

My lunches are fused to the max with whatever is leftover in the fridge.  Besides my infamous fridge-busting salads, I occasionally break out my tiffin box and make lunch a SPECIAL EVENT.  This means, obviously, that I am bored, bored, bored with salads.

Today's offering is (left to right, clockwise):

Spicy Roasted Cauliflower, Chicken Salad on Lettuce, Kohlrabi Slaw with Avocado Dressing

It's delicious, oddly monochromatic and almost all the ingredients are local to very local.  I am very pleased with my kohlrabi, although it seems to be twice the size recommended for harvest...


  1. Hi Susan :) That's a really nice "tiffin box"...which I admit I'd never heard of before today! I love the way it looks! You know, I'm a recipe follower. I have a hard time veering off to the fusion side of the force. It makes me feel uncomfortable lol...maybe just lack of confidence! I admire the fusion sisters!

  2. Love your definition of "fusion cooking!"

  3. A bit monochromatic, yes, but crunchingly good! I just noticed my first kohlrabi today what was big enough to harvest. I can hardly wait to tie into it . . . raw with salt!

  4. I have never heard of a tiffin box until now either, but I like it! Your lunch looks amazing, I might need to make myself some spicy roasted cauliflower.

  5. Sometimes location makes all the difference. I can afford lobster but the only lobster I can buy around here comes packed in little cans. Yuck!

    We do roasted cauliflower quite often these days. It is kind of our vegetable of choice this year though right now, we are indulging in lots of farm fresh sweet corn coming out of the patches.

  6. That's a neat little lunch container. I tend to take more plastics and glass to work so I can microwave leftovers. I've never made roasted cauliflower. I think I would like it, but the family not so much. -Jenn

  7. Susan,

    That's a unique looking lunch box, I like it. I'm sure it keeps your food nice and cold too. I have to say your salads always ROCK!!! And changing up is a good thing...every now and then. Have you ever mashed your cauliflower? Your meal looks fabulous pass some this way please :-) Enjoy!


  8. We didn't plant kohlrabi this year. I will have to buy it, but that all looks very good.