Monday, December 11, 2017

It's all a matter of taste.

As I tossed down the chickens' "treats" this morning, I reflected on the vagaries of taste.  They attacked the pile o' stuff (bread, rice, lettuce, unknown reddish swill) with a veracity that made you think that they were starving.  Not the case, as attested to by the 50 pounds of local feed mix that they consume a week.  Ducks are more particular, it seems.  They are not interested in anything but greens.  This may be because their beaks are rounded and they have to work mightily to rip a leaf of any size into dainty bits. 

Lovey will eat just about anything.  She doesn't actually chew, she Hoovers.  Peanut Butter is a little more circumspect when there is any change to his food dish.  They are currently eating an easy-over egg for breakfast (every other day), mixed with grain-free, salmon-only kibble (in PB's case, for small breed dogs = tiny bits), topped with thawed, pre-cooked, human-grade turkey with sweet potatoes and greens.  Moistened with homemade broth (turkey at the moment).  PB gets his meals in a soupy state, as he does not drink enough water due to confinement.  Scrappy was game to try anything, although I distinctly remember his run-in with a grape - he rolled it around in his mouth for a good 15 minutes, giving me the big moo-moo eyes.  He waited until my back was turned and then spat it out into a corner.  Where it lay until Slimbo found it and batted it all over the house.  And then I stepped on it.

Slimbo gets a half-can of wet food and a couple of handfuls of grain-free, indoor cat, kibble.  He is adamant about both.  Only Rachel Ray's Indoor Cat kibble and only Friskies (with gravy/sauce) wet food.  He could live on their turkey in crab sauce.  OMG.  I get the dry heaves just typing that.

The llama prefers graham crackers over just about anything, with apples coming second.  Norman feels the same way, but requires his apples sliced into bite-sized pieces.  Linden will inhale apples, Grahams and pumpkins.

If I had to list my favorite sandwiches, they would be (in no particular order), PB, pickle and mayo; warm, sliced hard-boiled eggs with salt and mayo; hard salami with pepper jack cheese (grilled); and grilled cheese with pickles.  The best of all - a pastrami Rueben on rye, with coleslaw and grilled.  My arteries are very thankful for my GF status.

What rings your Pavlov's bell?


  1. I like grilled cheese and pickles too, but the pickles must be bread 'n butter pickles and they must be on the side. HRH was a Friskies girl too -- man, she luuuuuuuuuuved that gravy!

  2. Susan,

    I'm all for comfort food.....the stuff that warms the heart.
    Our dog,Beans just loves rye toast with butter and a sip of green tea.....such a silly dog. Basically he loves anything we eat!

    Sending hugs and love to you and your critters.

  3. Reminds me of when I had a bowl of mints out on the table. I kept finding a handful on the floor. I blamed clumsy kids and put them back in the dish. One day before returning them to the dish I popped one in my mouth. This was when my daughter told me the mints on the floor were the ones the dog had spate out. Regardless, I would eat off your doggie plates, it all sounds very tasty.

  4. Animals are so funny! The best of all - a pastrami Rueben on rye, with coleslaw and grilled. My fave sandwich too!!!

  5. Philly cheese steak hands down all day long a rare commodity west here. In fact good subs in general are like hens teeth here and don't get me started on the pizza's. Such healthy eaters your guys are. Stella and Spike are on special diets, the rest get kibble and canned pumpkin. Then of course there is sky cheese, sky anything but lettuce is good and everybody LOVES apple and carrot slices. Bananas bring all sorts of gag action, even the horses hate them. Horses can spit something out faster than anything I know!

  6. Give me a good old tuna salad sandwich.
    You sound like you have a morning feeding routine like I do......

  7. I'm finding dental work makes for weight loss, as I'm getting gun-shy about eating. :-/

  8. A patty melt is how I judge a new restaurant. For regional food, a tenderloin sandwich.

  9. Nothing like a good ol' BLT with lots of B. Punkerpuss (my cat) loves anything with fish. But I have to be careful as carrageenan makes her very very sick. So I boil her chicken and give her pumpkin and I found a catfood that uses tapioca. My girls (the chickens) will eat anything (including blankets if there left too low to the ground. Although Noddy very funny about anything new you put in the plate. She lets the others eat it first, watches them and if they don't keel over she'll partake. Silly Birds but I love them all.

  10. Oh yes, carrageenan is bad stuff....cancer causing, too. We have to read labels like a hawk nowadays. Monte Cristo sandwiches are my all time favorite, followed by white bread & mayonnaise with fresh sliced garden tomatoes on top and lots of ground pepper

  11. Hi Susan :))
    We just love hot chicken sandwiches with gravy and fries...same with smoked meat on rye (tomorrow's dinner), always with a slice of Swiss too, so I think that makes it a Reuban doesn't it? Big fans of Club sandwiches too. When I'm on my own, I'm terribly lazy though. I take a slice of bread, cover it with cheese and microwave it. Alex calls it my microwave cheese plate. Yum! My arteries aren't very happy about it lol...

    Charlie the husky is the only picky eater of the pack. The others will gobble up anything, Hoovers as well. The cats too, they'll eat anything. But Miss Charlie not only needs to eat from a human plate...forget the dog bowls...she needs to have her food formed into a circle with rice scattered on top and half an egg, yolk side up right in the middle. Silly girl. Lol.

  12. Fresh, super-ripe tomato sliced, on hot toast with plenty of butter. Salt and fresh ground pepper added. The taste of summer !