Friday, April 20, 2018

Help celebrate the after-effects of cabin fever and too much shoveling.

Most of what I remember about March consists of low light, endless rounds plying my snow shovel and roof rake, the Passage of Pee - the narrow, high-sided tunnel shoveled from deck to chicken coop that was decorated daily by the dogs - knitting and obsessing over knitting podcasts.  There may have been some ordering of yarn and related objects.  There may have been way too much of that.

In the miasma of March, I, being the mental case that I am/was, I entered a near-swooning state over the new Making magazine.  I am not one for subscriptions - with the exception of my devotion to Taproot Magazine, to which I have subscribed from the beginning.  I am sure it was due to all the knitting and watching all those ladies (and men) do all their better knitting, and all the much more complicated and lovely things they were knitting that I totally thought I could knit as well.  And then there was the lack of sunlight.  In any event, it appears I ordered two subscriptions.  Sigh.  The very nice women who create this publication (based in Portland, ME - Sylvie!) refunded my extra subscription and let me keep the extra copy of No. 5 - Color.

In view of this largess, I am having a drawing for the extra copy.  You can go to their website here, to see what all the fuss is about.

Here's what you need to do to enter the drawing - leave a comment below about March.  Or making something.  Or about an interesting conversation you overheard in the grocery store.  Whatever.  Make the comment by midnight Wednesday, April 25th, which, by the way is National Administrative Assistant Day (formerly, Secretarys' Day but HEAVEN FORBID WE LEAVE ANYONE WHATSOEVER OUT OF BEING SPECIAL) and which, by the way, is the day before National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.  I may be bringing the pups...hehe.  Back to business.  I will draw a winner on Friday.  The drawing is open to the continental US and our neighbors to the North (yay, Canada!!!)

Aren't you glad I am such a hot mess?


Mama Pea said...

I had not yet run across this publication so would, indeedy-doo, be interested in having this extra copy of yours!

Commenting on "making something" as you requested: Since I can first remember much of anything, I've had a need to create with my hands. Starting with crayons, paper and scissors or anything else that was available. Being a researcher or, heaven forbid, intellectual would never do it for me as I have to be able to hold that wonky, sometimes misshapen object in my hands at the end of the day. So a publication called "Making?" Oh, yeah!

Cindie said...

I haven't heard of this magazine - sounds interesting, especially for us who have been making our entire lives!

wisps of words said...

Hooray for finding something to dwell on, to get us through this winter!!!!!!!! Lovely that the lady who publishes this magazine, was so sweet.

I gave up my last magazine subscription. 'Twas to "Victoria," which is a lovely magazine. But I simply wasn't looking at new issues, as they came. And I have a stash of old "Victoria's". So it just seemed silly, to keep paying money for new ones, and not paying attention.

And actually, I don't miss magazines. Guess I'm one of those, who don't. One! LOL. But to each his/her own.

I don't think I am "up to" looking at the list of National Days. They get kind of silly. ,-)))))))

Theresa said...

Gosh, I have them all and would LOVE to be in the drawing pretty PLEEEEEEAAAASSSSE!
LOL! passage of pee. Too funny. I am so glad I swallowed my coffee before I started reading.
Have you seen Selvedge magazine from the UK? Another amazing publication.
I do wish Handwoven was better than it is. I dropped the subscription years ago but enjoy the ridiculously expensive Vav weaving rag.
Let's here it for pee everywhere instead of just a passage! ;-)

Rain said...

Oh Susan, I love that you're a hot mess lol...your first paragraph made me giggle because we've been through the same winter. Here's my little funny about March. I used to watch the Simpsons and there was a town meeting about the misprint on the local calendar for March. It was spelled "Smarch". Homer walks in, shakes the snow off his coat and complains "Lousy Smarch weather...." I've been saying that ever since I saw it. Smarch for me also meant a little tease in the weather and false hopes of an early spring, sigh...and like you, more narrow tunnels to the driveway!

I would love to enter your contest, that magazine looks nice. I used to bring my dogs to work all the time. Who needs human furballs when you have the real thing? ;)

Michelle said...

I'm the same way about subscriptions (not enough time and money; too much clutter!), but would LOVE to get a single copy to peruse! March was all about making things with EGGS, as my 11 hens were giving me an average of 8 eggs a day. =8-O

Unknown said...

I am a 'maker'. I am just heading toward the toes on a pair of socks. I couldn't resist the soft spring green colours in the wool, and the pattern I chose was 'Spring Fern', because I am so ready for spring! I have 2 sets of each size of circular sock needle so I can work both socks together, and don't have "second sock" syndrome! I experimented with doing two at a time on one needle, but prefer each sock on its own needle. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing.

Susan said...

I'm opting out of the draw as I've been the recipient of your generosity more than once. However, your request for something about March allows me to finally confess to you that I sneaked off to Arizona for a week. The first time ever I have snapped under the strain of a Canadian winter and done a runner. It was mild rather than hot but oh so much better than the stuff I left at home. Now thinking what I can sell so I can do it again.

Goatldi said...

March was rain, popcorn snow ( I apologize for that m'dear) the last birthday of my 6th decade, a way too much fun visit from my little sister and rain. I have three projects on or about to be on looms. One is a twill in gradient warp, two is Viking Towels on a table loom 4 shaft and the about to be will be a set of towels on a rigid heddle loom for my friend of 33 years and the one who sold me my first goat Lady Amber one fine nubian granddaughters wedding to be in May. Whew obligatory run on sentence done!

And if I win, Mama Pea I will share it with you. And also anyone else who sends money.

Susan said...

March saw me putting a warp on,y loom for the first time in almost a year. I decided I need to start weVong again. So on between my chemo treatments...every three weeks...I wound. Warp and got it all set up. And then after ,y next test,ent, I started to weVe. And yeah to that!! It takes me a bit LaP ger than it used to, but I can still get it all done, it Just takes me more time!

Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - Ha! Shows that great minds (that's us!) think alike. Wouldn't it be fun (and a darn good idea) for whomever wins the magazine to pour through it and then send it on to someone else who entered the drawing? Think of it, Susan, we'd really be getting YOUR money's worth out of YOUR purchase! ;o)

ellen abbott said...

I don't knit, I've made one 'quilt' in my life which I didn't quilt but knotted on a 6" grid, I don't embroider though I dabbled in it decades ago, needle felt, or cross stitch and I don't cook. I used to sew and crochet back before kids but hey, throw my name in anyway. my sister does cross stitch and she cooks. I'll give it to her.

Andi said...

I haven't been deluged with snow, but we've certainly had a wetter-than-usual winter/early spring here in the PNW. My poor chickens are going to be evolving into ducks at this rate! I've been planning and re-planning my garden, have finally gotten the greenhouse built, and am looking forward to sitting amidst my herbs and veggies while knitting socks.

Sandy Livesay said...

Hmmmmmm....your pup's have been watching too much of the Wizard of Oz by marking the snow yellow....."Yellow Brick Road". LOL!!!

It's hard to find a good magazine, I'm happy you found one with projects you'd like to make.
Sending hugs and love,

Goatldi said...

Right on Mama Pea! We are our own best company no?

But that is a keen idea you have there.