Friday, April 13, 2018

There's a fine line between stoic and hysteric. At least phonetically.

The young handyman who had built my pergola had cast a hairy eyeball on my roof (the damage is obvious) and offered that 'him and his dad' could take care of that problem for me.  There was much talking around the approach - I have found this represents the speaker trying to figure out ways to rip you off extract as much money out of you as possible, while, at the same time, trying to sound sympathetic and reasonable.  A couple of days later, I received a quote via a text (of course), which I cringed through.  Even for a text, the spelling and grammar were alarming.  Apparently, our local school system uses the phonetic method of spelling because, given that I did not have an 'addick' in my house, the job could be very, very tricky.  He then gave me an estimate that caused my eyebrows to meet my hairline.  It seems that the father/son duo charge a combined rate of $40/hour.

**Aside here:  I have a galling tendency to be a grammar snob (although I often fall short of perfection myself - it's a failing).  In my defense, besides being schooled in a different era, I spent my entire childhood-into-young-adulthood trapped at the dinner table with my father, the King of Grammar.  We were given a "Word of the Day" and had to know how to spell it and use it in a sentence.  Heaven help you if the grammar weren't purfickt.  :-O **

The same day, I received a call from my chimney sweep who told me he will be in my area and thought I might be (over) due for a cleaning.  I explained that I couldn't have the chimney cleaned, as it was now tilted at a slight angle and I wasn't sure if the seal (or whatever) had been compromised.  He said that, as he was going to be in my area anyway, he would stop by and look at it and see if he could fix it.  Gratis.  Technically, it's not gratis, since once it's fixed he will clean it and that's not gratis.  But, still...   

Sighing heavily (something happening with much more regularity and heaviness since the March madness), I drudged into the office building this morning and met my building supervisor/friend.   While we usually discuss dog rescue things, I think I must be spending too much time with my resident drama queen, because I solicited an "is everything alright?" inquiry.  I tell you, it doesn't take much for me to pour my heart out to anyone these days.  I am going to have to go home tonight and starch my upper lip.  On the other hand, he is coming out a week from Sunday to have a look and write up a shopping list for parts needed to fix the roof.  Once I have acquired them, he will come out and fix it.  Gratis, truly and really.  These dog rescue folks are amazing!

With a much lighter step, I proceeded up to my office where I attempted a mind-meld with the Universe in order to regain my "Rosie" (inside reference) attitude.  It worked!  Of course, the Universe wouldn't be the Universe without having a slightly ironic side... more on that later.

Apparently, I have a lot to say this week, having posted four out of five days.  Sheesh.


  1. Susan, You truly live a "if it's not one thing it's another" life.

    At one time, I had a boss who told me that when he was in the Air Force & many miles away from home, he would write to his Dad on a regular basis. Those letters would come back to him with grammar mistakes marked by his Dad who was a high school English teacher.

  2. I wonder if his dad and mine were related... Yes, my life is anything but boring!

  3. Seems there has been some interesting crap-o-la, floating around the universe, of late. Here toooooooo. Perhaps Mother Nature has been having a couple of bad-hair-days? -sigh-

    So glad that you are going to have your roof and etc. fixed, in a non-rip-off way. Yessss!!!!!!

    I dread to hear, what irony the universe added, to your happy solutions though. Is it something, which can float for a number of miles, and drop here????!!!!????? Should I dig a hole and have a boulder at the ready, to pull over me???????????????


  4. Everybody has to have a lip wobble now and then and I would say you were overdue. Enjoy telling the grammar challenged youth where he can put his quote.

  5. Ooooo, "addick" would make me shudder too. But hooray for the dog rescue guy who has offered to fix your roof damage for free -- he's a sweetie!

  6. Ack; a cliff-hanger! I hate those! Post four times a day if you want; I'd read every one.

  7. Well, I am a grammar snob, too. When I read some news stories I shudder; especially the this and these thing. I hate SpellCheck! Hang in will prevail.

  8. LOL, I use to be the sole HR person (hiring, firing, payroll, health insurance etc) for a mid sized manufacturing company. I think I've seen it all on applications.....but addict, whoa, that one is worth filing for future laughs.
    Stay rosie, stay happy, enjoy those two wunerful pups! ;-)

  9. You have a wonderful sense of humour. Too much of the stiff upper lip is not healthy, take it from me..

    I wonder whether I can get away with blaming the ginger cat for all the spelling and grammatical errors in my posts... Nope, they are all my own, sorry!!

  10. Definitely worth waiting on the pergola to find someone a bit more trustworthy. I'm probably one of the worst for being an undeserving grammar snob.

  11. I was raised by a constantly correcting father, as well. Then I had a grade seven teacher who taught us sentence analysis. I have a bad habit of correcting people's grammar in my head. I'm glad to hear you don't have to pay a ridiculous price to fix your roof. Is yours an old house? I don't think old houses are ever done. (I live in one). -Jenn

  12. Aren't rescue people the bomb? I mean really they are. I think that is why we are rescue people.

    Is having an addick anything bassmundt?

    I am sorry for all you grammar police in the crowd. I ate corn nuts and day dreamed my through school. I guess that accounts for my excessive use of run on sentences.

  13. I hate having too many irons in the fire at once and it sounds like you have more irons heating that I would care for. Yes, I'm sure I could be classified as a hermit if it weren't for the wife, two kids and mother-in-law living with me!