Tuesday, May 19, 2020

How about a giveaway, while we pass the time?

I have had to face the fact that I am not going to learn to do all the things that I want to do.  Plus, there is that pesky lack of focus....and, when it comes to quilting, there is the math....

If any of you are quilters, future quilters or have an interest in quilting (and have more focus than a fruit fly), I offer the following:

the Patchworker's How-To Book (top)

Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel

The Quilting Bible - the Complete PhotoGuide to Machine Quilting

The Art of the Handmade Quilt

Little Quilts

I think, since there are a few of them, we will just have it be a first-comment, first dibs giveaway.  I'll post the names in next Monday's blog post.


DFW said...

Would love the Quilting Bible one! I have such a hard time maneuvering a sandwiched quilt on a machine & work really well with pics. I'll gladly pay shipping.

ladybug said...

I would love to have The Art of the Handmade Quit. I am just starting into quilting and have a couple of granddaughters that need me to get busy and make them each a quilt!

ErinFromIowa said...

Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel tickles my fancy! I have a lap available quite often. Lol😊

Cindie said...

I would love Little Quilts as that's the direction I want to head next with quilting. Happy to reimburse for shipping.

cindiesam at yahoo dot com

Sam I Am...... said...

Well, I was going to go for the Little Quilts but it's just as well someone got there before me as I have a zillion projects going and like you "I have the focus of a fruit fly"! LOL! Congrats to all who got their quilt book!

Mama Pea said...

Great giveaway! "Little Quilts" was my first quilt book back in, '94 I think it was, when I started quilting. I've made nearly every project in the book and still look at it for ideas.

Joanne Noragon said...

How nice of you.

wyomingheart said...

Awesome giveaway!!!! All of them are very interesting!

ellen abbott said...

I already got rid of all my quilting books, and I think I had that lap quilting one, so no, I won't be wanting any.

Goatldi said...

No entry please. But it is nice to see a fellow overachiever.

I too surround myself with a full plate when I jump into something new . No halfway measured here what could possibly go wrong?

I think it is the rush of energy that comes with
New possibilities. After quilting since 1980 I dispersed all my quilting possessions in about 1990 for the fiber arts.

Two things have stuck around for the long run goats and fiber arts. I am not entirely fickle.

Me said...

How do I log on? It's been FOREVER!
As much as I love giveaways, especially from YOU, I will just be saying "Hello" here.

SFG (Small Farm Girl) said she was thinking about blogging again, and I think I may as well. Hopefully see you again soon on the Blogosphere!

Love & Hugs,
Carolyn Renee