Thursday, May 3, 2012

A living wall? I can dig it!!

How fitting it's from Raintree Nursery...
And so I shall, tomorrow.  Rain or shine (and, unfortunately, it looks like rain).  One of my favorite nurseries had a great sale and I bought three more willow bushes with which to buffer the onslaught of the road traffic, dust, noise, ad nauseum.  I did not make this decision lightly, as it means digging a sizable hole for each bush.  There is a good reason that our area is filled with gravel mines.

They look like nice,healthy plants and I am looking forward to my Wall o' Willows.

I also ordered a new variety of Alpine strawberries to complete my little patch.  Thanks to much hovering and covering/uncovering/covering of my new plants during the endless freeze, it looks like they've all survived. 
Alpines in their raincoat.

I have taken a Mental Health Day tomorrow which is almost as fully planned as Chicken Mama's Day Off (hahahahaha - choke, sob - if my day off was that packed with to-do's, I'd never get out of bed!)  Mine is comparatively mundane - cat rassling (the Boyz have their annual check up), digging, digging, schlepping manure, digging and more digging, planting, and dinner prep. 

Three healthy plants!
 I am planting my basil, parsley, lemon balm (in a pot), and a blueberry bush (another damn hole!), after I finish clearing out the herb bed.  I am planning on taking full advantage of this long weekend even though, oddly enough, it is also filled with social-type things.  Another reason I have to plant all these seedlings is that I need to clear out the laundry room space incubator!  Having had no luck finding keets, I successfully bid for a clutch of eggs on eBay.  It was reasonable enough that I won't throw myself in the river if they don't hatch.  Of course, I am also going to the one final poultry tailgate of the spring on Sunday.  This should guarantee that they are up to their elbows in keets.  I look at it like wearing both suspenders and a belt.  A trait I do NOT find attractive in a man, by the way.  Fickle me.

My coldframe is perking away, which always gives me hope when I pass by.  I've already harvested some arugula, the radishes are growing, and the lettuces are just popping up through the soil.  It's hard to think of it as May - even though the days are getting gloriously longer.  With this grey, cold, weather, it just seems weird.

Arugula and row of radishes.
 So, what kind of mischief are you all digging up this weekend?


  1. After our beautiful weather week last week, they said it was going to rain all this week. So far . . . they're right! The temp has been warmer but the dampness is so thick I feel like I need a shower right now after working for only an hour outside. I just checked the weather for the next few days. Chance of rain right through next Wednesday. So this weekend may find us inside. Somehow I think we'll find enough to keep us busy.

    Enjoy your mental health day tomorrow!

  2. I need to try and get the onions planted this weekend....but ceaseless rains over the past two days haven't given me any chance. I have a long list of chores waiting for some break in the weather. Where was all this in March---when I was GONE??

  3. You sure manage to keep busy! A wall o' willows sounds fantastic, can't wait to see it grow and reward all that digging you will be doing :)

  4. I love the alpine "raincoat :)

  5. I see you have another busy, busy weekend planned! Enjoy your "extra" day!
    I'm planning on getting my bean, summer squash and melon seeds planted this weekend and maybe (I hope) three more raised beds established!

  6. Huzzah for Raintree! (The owner, Sam, is my godfather, so I'm rather partial.) My mom packed every possible bit of our land with Raintree nursery plants when I was a kid and I still do a happy-dance all the way from the mailbox into the house when the Raintree catalogue arrives. Between Raintree and FEDCO trees, we have access to just about every heirloom fruit variety and edible landscaping plant we could desire!

  7. things look good! not "digging" up any fun this weekend. we don't plant until a little later. still a bit cool for most plants, and we don't have a green house. just the seedlings we start in the house! happy gardening!

  8. It's time! I got my plants i ordered if I can just get the holes dug....
    the boss has been poisoning willows here for the past few years...we had a real neat branding corral made of willows but it fell apart. It was my favorite though, with the willow walls and wild roses!

  9. My time for arugula has come and gone. My summer garden is already planted and I'm praying for rain.