Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's been an interesting week, so far...

I dart about in the mornings, weeding here and there - mostly the little, easy-to-reach stuff.  Then I scramble and get ready for work.  So, Monday morning I arrive at work with a terrifically itchy hand.  Looks like something bit me.  I think nothing of it.  Until the top of my hand swells up, cartoon-like.  Hmmm.  I do what I always do under these circumstances.  I ignore it.  By the afternoon, I have tied a little bag of ice on it, which makes typing interesting.  It actually reminded me of having to walk with a book on my head - it makes your wrists all nice and straight.  This morning, it was still swollen and itchy, so, apparently, ignoring it didn't make it go away.  (That is SUCH a surprise!)  I briefly thought of going to the nearest Urgent Care facility after my mammogram and bone density scan (it was such a delightful morning...) but I really can't take too much medical attention.  So I stopped at the drug store and picked up some Benadryl.  I've spent most of the day trying to stay awake and the swelling is ever so slightly less.  i am taking that as a good sign.

I've been canning blueberries morning and evenings.  I am finally done, with 16 pints all nice and lined up and labeled, for a change.  I had the last batch in the canner at 9P last night and when I took the lid off, one of the jars had broken and there was blueberry juice and blueberry blobs floating all over the place.  I hate it when that happens!  I fished out the good jars, slapped the lid on the pot and left it for morning.  In all my years of canning, I think that has happened twice.  When I dumped it out, the bottom of the jar had come off in one neat piece.  Amazing.

I would say that I just can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store, but I would probably jinx myself.  Damn!  Just did!


  1. Benadryl--we live by the stuff. A week doesn't got by without reaching for it. Hope you're feeling better!

  2. I'm betting the folks at work are no longer surprised at ANYTHING that happens to you.

    I've had glass jars break in the canner only a couple of times, too. One was a jar of sweet pickles that made a terrifically sticky mess all over canner and remaining good jars. The other I remember was a jar of jam that didn't let go of it's perfectly cracked off bottom until I had it halfway between canner and counter.

    Ah, all the joys of homesteading! Drink lots of water to flush the poison that's causing the swelling in your hand out of your system.

  3. Well, I guess I get all the breaking jars for the rest of you! I'm sure I have at LEAST one per season; sometimes it's the recycled mayo jars, but sometimes it's the "real" canning jars, too.

  4. Oh, Michelle, you naughty girl! Please don't use those mayo jars for canning. I've read that the glass they're made of can't withstand the head that we process jars at. And I've even heard of ones exploding as they cooled on the counter. Even if no one got hurt, whadda mess to clean up!

  5. Have you tried OTC Cortaid (generic) ointment? That stuff works wonders for allergic skin stuff!!!

  6. Susan, How is your hand now?
    I hope the swelling went down. Be have an over abundance of scorpions in Oklahoma this year. I try to be careful outside and inside.
    Canning blue berries, did you make jam?

    Have a better evening!
    Sandy, Oklahoma Transient

  7. I'm one of those people that believe if you ignore it, it will go away. Shocking when it doesn't. Hope it gets better fast. Real fast. Benedryl is best for the evening. Canning blueberries. You wild woman!

  8. I hope your hand is going better now. I wonder what got you?
    I canned some carrots today and one of the jars fell over in the pressure canner and the liquid leaked out. At least nothing was broken. I would have done the same about leaving the mess for the morning. ;-)

  9. Hope your hand is feeling better. That's what you get for trying to keep up with the weeds in the garden I suppose. We can never win.
    I'm jealous of your blueberries. Like if I knew where you lived I'd pilfer your pantry. (that has a kind'a kinky sound, doesn't it??)

  10. Good gravy, life is never boring, that's for sure. Hope it's feeling better today.

  11. Be careful or you and Scrapy will be on the same medication. To bad we cant use the Vet too. I have to say that I like to make a doctors appointment since I pay all this money for health insurance and never get to go. I hate the doctor, but I have my annual exam coming up and I finally get to use the darn insurance. It will be a $4200 visit ;)

  12. Sue - Thanks, I AM feeling better this morning (Thurs)!

    Mama Pea - I just don't even bother. There are two of the four of us who feel that the minutia of their medical problems are extremely interesting to all - they are not. Oh, that must have been a mess! I always forget to drink water - thank you for the reminder!

    Michelle - I used to recycle mayo jars, but two broke AS they were cooling. That was the end of that.

    Nancy - No, but it is on my shopping list now.

    Sandy - Much better, thanks! Ooh, I wouldn't like to have to deal with scorpions - they are small and deadly! You take care! I just canned them in a very light syrup. I am still eating jam from 3 years ago!

    Lori - Oh, yeah. We live life on the edge here. And I canned some peaches, too. Very, very daring! Isn't it funny how we can be so shocked when denial doesn't work??

  13. Candy - I don't know, and I would really like to find out so I can be on the lookout - I don't want a replay. So, were the carrots still good to eat? I ALWAYS leave the mess until the morning, then whine about having to clean it up first thing. Go figure.

    CR - You, my dear, may pilfer my pantry. Help yourself to all the wild grape jelly. Pbblft!

  14. Linda - It never is boring, is it? There's not much left but the itching, which I am trying to ignore.

    Jane - I wish we could all go to the vet. He has a great bedside manner. You're right, of course. It's nice to get something back from all that money out the door. I just wish I didn't dislike doctors so much. Nah, I feel just fine about disliking them. Attorneys and politicians, too. And Monsanto - I HATE Monsanto. Sorry, I got carried away.

  15. I hope your hand is feeling better!
    What do you do with your blueberries? How do you can them? (meaning with sugar water or just plain water, and do you use them in pies?)

  16. broken jars are frustrating, I've only had it happen once so far but I know I'm due! Hope your hand is feeling better and it's nothing serious!