Friday, February 15, 2013


Thanks to my lovely little Jersey cow, Jasmine (and her BFF, Rosebud), I get a lot of cream when I pick up milk from the dairy farm.  Lots.  I usually skim it off and freeze it until I have enough to make a batch of butter.  Since I was snowbound this past weekend, in between bouts of shoveling (1/4 mile of paths) and knitting (hand towel finished - up to one and three-quarters socks), I decided to thaw the cream and make butter.

Little did I know that I would spend most of the afternoon at it - I uncovered over a gallon of cream in the freezer!  Thank goodness for Churnie (and, if you look closely, you'll find Churnie's helper - Mixie - in the background...)

I found this gem on eBay a few years ago.  It's an old Sears churn in pristine condition - perfect to crank away while watching a DVD.  However, given the sheer amount of cream, I did also press Churnie's friend and helper, the Mixie into service as well.  I ended up with almost two pounds of butter!  (Of which there is no picture, as the ones I took resembled over-exposed yellow blobs, which are now in the freezer.)  If I keep this up, I will have to start searching for a churn with an electric motor.  I'm not getting any younger....


Celebrating POST Valentine's Day, the official winner of the mystery Valentine's Day giveaway is....


Randomly selected (evidence of which would be posted if I could figure out how to put it on here...) this morning - Linda, please send your mailing address (again)!  Such talent out there!


  1. Next time invite your spastic neighbor who has plenty of energy to wind that kind of thing.....and we can split the work!

  2. I'm green with churn envy. I run across those at antique stores but man, they are not cheap. Ebay, hmmm.

  3. I have butter making on my to-do list, but know I am wondering if I will need an electric one. Ha ha ha! I have years to think about it, so I will be following your path.

  4. Yay for Valentine's Day winner Linda! A fun contest I'd say.

    Mmmm, your own butter from your own cow . . . da best of da best!!

  5. We are fortunate to live within 15 miles of a local dairy so we make most of the butter that we eat at the table. For baking, I just use store bought. Wonderful stuff though! I've never used a little churn like that. :)


    Black Fox

  6. nice butter churn but there is something to be said for electricity. I heard you can make small batches just putting it in a jar and rolling and shaking the jar.

  7. Fun! With a cow there is always cream! I love the stuff and I make butter too, but I have an electric 2 gallon butter churn. So I cheat!! Fresh Jersey milk is the best!!

  8. Yum to have homemade butter!

    Yea to winning something! Something that doesn't require trips to the vet, OK?

  9. Congrats to LindaCo! :)
    Fresh, homemade butter, I'm soooo jealous! That's one thing that is difficult to make with the goat milk.

  10. Mmmmm fresh made butter. :)

    You can also make it in smaller batches by putting the cream in a canning jar with a marble and then shaking it. It really doesn't take that long either.

  11. I have to use a 3 gallon jar on an electric churn because MissMoo gives me 1/2 gallon of heavy cream every day. I am just about butter and ghee'd out! :)

  12. What a neat churn, I've never seen one like that!