Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Survival: Nerd Hat with Earflaps

It's no surprise that those of us who have to trudge out in below-zero weather to deal with frozen gates, water, doors, and crabby critters do not hold to fashionista status.  While the indoor motto may be "Less is Better" (as in fuel oil consumption), outside our motto is "Layer it ON!".  One of my favorite pieces of outdoor gear is newly acquired.  I do have the ubiquitous fur-lined bomber hat because they are/were chic.  However, it makes my head hot, slides down over my eyes and is more of a nuisance than a help.  While rummaging around in the sale bin of a local feed store earlier this winter, I came across this:

Modeled by our own Green Nana
It is PERFECT!  Fleece lined, lightweight, nice, snug ear flaps that Velcro under your chin.  It even has a little elastic shirring across the back to hold the back flap close to your neck.  AND it has a fetching little button on the top.  But, best thing of all - it has a bill/visor/brim!  This shades your eyes from the sun (whatzat?), keeps snow from flying in your face, and is the perfect parking spot for the next piece of survival gear - the headlamp!  This is, by far, my favorite bit of gear.  It allows me to see where I'm going, keeps both hands free, and lights up an amazingly large path.

I went through a few renditions of the headlamp before I chanced upon this model.  The first one strapped across my forehead, laden down with six batteries.  It gave me a headache and slowly slid down to the bridge of my nose, rendering me blind.  Next one was a lighter version of that one - with only 4 batteries - which allowed me to step up my nightly chores to a fever pitch before it inevitably slid down my brow.  This is perfecto.  Speaking of light - I am noticing that the days are getting longer - and Puxatawney Phil is due to step up to the plate this coming Sunday.  While I am not a believer in the supernatural powers of rodents, I find myself crossing my fingers and toes for a forecast of early spring.  Lawsymercy do we need it!


  1. That's not a "nerd" hat! That's an absolutely-necessary-gotta-have hat for us well-dressed (ha!) survivors of the winter of 2013-2014. (That is assuming that we DO make it to spring!)

    1. Mama Pea - By our fingernails, most likely!

  2. Oh early spring sounds nice and I LOVE that hat it looks very very warm. B

  3. I think its beautiful! We made a grocery run and I was amazed to see how little people at the grocery store or mall actually wear when the wind chill warning is -20! They do look stylish but they must be freezing. The ones that made us shiver are the women in those little tights!

    Enjoy your Wonderhat!

  4. Hey, in that kind of weather I'd say this is the height of sartorial splendor!!! Wear it proudly. Hugs.

  5. I really like your hat and what an awesome little light! :)

  6. I have one of those fur lined hats. At first I liked it. Then like you said, it kept getting in my eyes. I'm gonna look for one like yours now. Already have a light like that. I love them!