Friday, January 3, 2014

Coffee with Cookie.

I always have company when I sit with my coffee and knitting, early in the morning.

My big pfefferneusse.
And what am I?  Chopped liver??

So far, the year has been productive - all three days of it.  I will either be a houseonfire or I will fizzle.  Good thing I am not a betting (wo)man.  While the STORM OF THE YEAR (dripping in sarcasm) raged outside, I finally put on my big girl pants and tackled the kitchen faucet.  Given the fact that I had no idea what I was doing, I got pretty far until I ran out of usable tools.  I had to call in the reserves to borrow a basin wrench. Why is it that men can call men to borrow tools and only get the tools while, when women call men to borrow tools, they have to get the man, too?  Seriously - are they afraid you're going to break it?  That you are a helpless waif?  How helpless do they think I am, when I know to ask for a basin wrench?  Sigh.  In any event, the faucet is a fait accompli and I am so happy with it.  Of course, my aluminum sink was not shiny enough, so I had to clean that.  Then I noticed that my new stove was far from pristine, so I cleaned that.  Then I looked down and noticed the floor and cleaned that.  Then I put on my dark glasses and sat in a corner.

Before sink-cleaning.

Since we're talking about cleaning, Scrappy has been doing his bit to help me out.  He is still confused as to why he is an only child, but he's taking advantage of all the extra love and attention - and it's going to his waist...

Good boy.
Another item checked off the to-do list was the flannel-lined shades for the front windows.  Given our drastic drop in temperature (as I am typing this, the outside temperature has almost reached positive numbers), these have really made a difference at night.  And it makes me feel all snug.  The flannel came from an old flannel sheet, and the fabric is part of my embarrassingly large stash.

The blue is darker than portrayed, with a
blue-on-blue pattern.
During the day, the shades are folded up.
Notice how a certain someone manages to insinuate himself
into almost every picture?

Under the category of "It's Always Something", the sheep are - apparently - bored and have been chewing off Apria's neck fur.  I mean, really????  Plans are for the Chickster to be rehomed this weekend.  Please goD.  If that happens, Apria is going to be moved in with the girls.  This is getting ridiculous.

I am off to tackle a couple more things off of my to-do list.  This would be my indoor to-do list.  As it is blowing and Arctic-like outside, that list can wait for spring.


  1. Brrrr! I have no idea what it's like to live in temps like that. Seems like it would be super cold inside too and that the heater or other means of heat would have to run constantly to even try to reach a comfortable level. Sounds like you're used to it and doing great! Congrats on all your productivity. That always feels so good! Happy New Year!

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  2. You sure make ME look like a slug so far this year! Let's see, I've done chores, ridden, knit, and home schooled Brian (vacation days are NOT our friend). Oh, and exercised more in the last week than I have in awhile, so that's something….

  3. MORE kitty pictures! And eating her neck fur?! Really?! I though *I* had problems with livestock :)

  4. I've been doing the same thing- deep cleaning the kitchen, cleaned and organized the junk drawer, will tackle the pantry closet later today. I try to catch up on stuff while I'm on winter break. Some vacation, but I like starting the new year clean and organized!

  5. Slow down, gal, or you're going to burn out before February! (I'm secretly green with envy of what you're accomplishing.) To tackle ANYthing having to do with plumbing holds my deepest admiration. I do NOT know what a basin wrench is. And I don't think I want to learn. So there. ;o}

  6. Don't know how you can cope with snow and freezing temps, I whine at anything cold.

    Happy New Year, sounds like you are on a roll with projects.

    Sorry had problem with posting and ended up making comment in wrong spot so deleted the one above.

  7. I would certainly be tempted to pack a sidearm while vunerably stretched out under a sink using a man's tool to fix a faucet while he watches if he insists - remember to always use protection, kiddo...! it can be dangerous borrowing those kind of things...


    (and the cats are adorable btw)

  8. Good idea with the lined curtains too! We bought some insulated curtains after having west facing windows, in a very hot, and cold climate. 7 years later still in good shape. Cuts the cold and the heat...

  9. I never thought to add flannel to curtains. I have cool air that comes thru my quilt room window. These would really help a lot !

  10. Men are naturally fixer's...its what they do. [The good ones anyway] My biggest "plumbing" success was replacing the elements in my electric water heater. I am crazy paranoid about electricity too! At the time I was living on a farm 45 miles from a plumber so I saved huge! I shut off every breaker within 5 miles! Improvised a wrench and all went well. I was rather smug about the hot water after that!

    I so enjoyed your answer to drafty windows. I use door socks for drafts under doors from outside. A 6 inch round tube stuffed with quilt batting, a bit wider than the door. I stuffed the first ones with rags and old T shirts and it goes against the bottom of my outer door. Works like a charm.

    Happy New year and I look forward to reading more of how your doing!

  11. You have time to knit in the mornings? Flannel lined blinds-yeah, an answer to my prayers.