Monday, March 3, 2014

Mixed Blessings.

The weekend was pretty great - I spent a nice early lunch with my parents and the granddog, zipped home and spread a 50# bag of sand on my driveway and walk in anticipation of my fragile dinner guest.  Who ended up putting the dinner date on the wrong day on her calendar, but drove right down when I called and we had a lovely time.  Then, Sunday morning, I met two of my favorite people at the firehouse breakfast where we people-watched and gossiped.  After breakfast, I drove up to my sister, Melanie's, toddled after her as she did her morning chores (I was very early), then we headed to Marianne's.  She had come back for the weekend and we never miss a chance to see our farm-sister-soul-sister, Marianne.  As we sat and chatted, Marianne said that she had offered to lease the farm to the Mennonite group in her area.  Melanie and I held our breath.  Were we going to lose our link to Marianne?  Lose the farm? 

Aside here.  Marianne's farm is the most heavenly place.  It is a beautiful old farmhouse (updated and beautifully restored) on 100 acres of land that rises up and provides views that make you catch your breath.  There's a large, new barn and a large greenhouse, lots of fencing, a pond.  I tell you, if I won the lottery, I'd know what I'd do with my winnings.  Just saying.

Back to my windy tale. 

Turns out they did not want to lease it - they were too busy.  Melanie and I sighed with relief and then said, at the same time, WE'LL LEASE IT!  Of course, we were mad.  Stark raving.  But Marianne said - Sure.  She and her husband would come back later in the month to prune the trees (apple, pear, plum) and we could have full use of the orchard, the blueberries, the gooseberries, the blackberries, the raspberries, the asparagus bed, the rhubarb bed, the greenhouse, and any other farmable spot.  For nothing.  She was just glad that it was being cared for.

Of course, this means more work for both of us, but the heady thought is that, what we don't use for ourselves, we can sell at the farmers market.  Melanie is already a member of an established market, as well as a vendor.  This kind of insanity could have been the residual effect of endless dark days of frigid temps, but the idea of actually being able to grow eggplant has completely drowned out the chorus of "No" in the back of my mind.  The farm is on my way to my parents, so it is not out of the way on the weekend.  Melanie and I work well as a team.  I can bring the boy and let him run around.  I can grow eggplant.

Will it work?  Well, I sure hope so.  I hope that I have an endless supply of Pollyanna.  I hope the garden gods smile down at us.  I hope spring comes.  My hope springs eternal...


  1. Stark raving mad but it sounds wonderful to me this is coming from a farmer who understands it:) It sounds like you had a nice time good for you and yes cooped up in the house gives us dreams and aspirations I have had a few myself lately stark raving mad I tell you that is mine not yours:) Hug B

  2. That sounds like a GREAT arrangement! Eggplants are in your future :)

  3. great news! eggplants virtually grow themselves. you will have a fun time!

  4. What a fantastic deal! How 'bout if you quit your day job and become farmer-in-chief? Oh, wouldn't that be just the best!? Oh, the possibilities!

    P.S. I love eggplant. Can I grow eggplant here in northern MN? Nope. Sigh.

  5. Susan,

    A plan, well thought out???? Maybe/maybe not but what does it hurt to try. I hope all works out well for you two on the big farm.

  6. Wow, so exciting and scarey and wonderful all at the same time. I'm very happy for you.

  7. Wow! Lots of work, but so very rewarding! Good luck.

  8. Black Hungarian Peppers for the Farmer's Market...oh gosh it will be wonderful for you. Of course more work but I have always felt better with work to do. God made us to have a purpose and farming and gardening is such a wonderful think to do! Good Luck and I look forward to more news!
    PS: I wasn't kidding about the peppers! Look them up if you have time. We have grown them and they are fabulous!

  9. Can I come to the farm too? I will bring my own blanket/cow and ...

  10. You've taken on a huge task but it'll be so rewarding when you pull it off. You go!

  11. Would she let you move in and be caretaker??? You could sell LLF, quit your job, live off the (farm)land without a mortgage or taxes or rent!

  12. Buttons - Wouldn't it be nice to have all of us on one giant, beautiful farm? I think it would be Heaven!

    Carolyn - Needless to say, I LOVE eggplants! I am hoping for tons of them!!

    Jaz - Unfortunately, none of my previous attempts at eggplants produced much more than the occasional spindly fruit. Let's hope that is now over.

    Mama Pea - Oooh! I LOVE that idea!

    LHIB - Even if it doesn't work out, I am bound to learn a lot!

  13. Sandy - LOL! No one who knows me has ever accused me of overthinking my plans...

    Susan - So perfectly put! Thank you!

    Lynda - I agree. I think it is the perfect learning experience for me, being a hands-on person and all.

    Fiona - I looked them up and they sound fabulous! I have ordered some - thank you!

    Petey - Wouldn't that be fun? All cows and cow owners are welcome... :)

    FFG - Ah, yes. It's the pulling it off thing that remains to be seen - all I can do is my best.

    Michelle - You know, that is sounding better and better. Hmmmm.

  14. Well congratulations, nothing ventured, nothing gained, worth a try at least. Maybe if she would let you live there you could rent your place out ....... good luck, keep us posted. I'll have to send you my latest "selfie".