Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend results and other nonsense.

So far, so wonderful.  Lovey has been living up to her name - she was a massive hit on Girls' Night, even before the martinis.  Much ooooing and ahhhing.  She managed to tuck her soft little noggin into everyone's lap as often as possible.  I don't know how much of our dinner disappeared under the table, but I think it wasn't too much.  And, yes, Scrappy got his share of scritches and head bussing.

My menu (we have something of a friendly competition going on) was simple but great (she said, humbly):  Whipped Feta Dip with blue corn tortilla chips, Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups (I will never labor through regular lasagna again), steamed and sauteed Broccoli Rabe with slivered garlic, mixed green tossed salad with red onion and mandarin oranges and homemade citrus dressing, and....Flourless Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Glaze.  This last entry was really gilding the lily, so to speak.  It was a dense slab of dark chocolate with a semi-sweet chocolate glaze.  Egads.  A couple of martinis, some good conversation, and early to bed.  Perfect.

Saturday, I did my chores, zipped up to my DS Melanie's to do hers (way easier than mine), stopped at the transfer station, stopped in town and got Lovey licensed, zipped home and cleaned up (a little, sigh) and went back into town to attend a celebration of life service for a local woman.  It was such an uplifting and perfect service for her - short, poignant, and a packed crowd.  Then I met up with Sylvia at the firehouse for the after-service get-together.  Then back to my place, where there was more puppy and grumpy old man adoration.  Then she took me out to dinner at a wonderful little cafe in VT.  A wonderful time of friendship and conversation that I so sorely miss.  Then a quick stop at DS Melanie's to check on everyone, then home and in bed early.

Sunday, up early, more conversation over breakfast and coffee, then Sylvie was off, back to Maine and I was onto my chores (and one last go up at my DS's).  Then a couple of stops at neighbors, then out to the city to meet my DS Cynthia's train.  Then back home, a few hours to catch up and eat an early dinner, then up to VT to drop her off for her parental visit.  Back home and then I stopped.  While I did go through two days of angst (silently) over not being able to get out in my garden and get things done, I was able to enjoy my deck and hear the first symphony by the local spring peepers. 

This morning we were all dragging - except for Super Puppy - and it was back to work for me.  A couple more hiccups during the week, then it should smooth out for a while.  Not surprisingly, this next weekend - I have Easter Sunday free ALL DAY to work - is forecast to be cool and cloudy with intermittent showers.  Sigh.  I guess I could Pollyanna it and be glad I won't get sunburned.  :)

I leave you with some Lovey pics taken by my sis.


  1. Lovey is aaadorable and her name perfect! Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm; it's raining today so the dryer rack is working well.

  2. Aw, love the pictures of your new little girl! Looks and sounds like she's settling in well. So good to hear.

    P.S. Do you EVER take any down time?

  3. Good grief, Woman !!!!!! Reading all that made my head spin !! lol

    Your little Lovey is a beaut.

    Cold and rainy and windy here today. Yuck.

  4. Zoom! Glad to hear new doggie is doing so well.

  5. Double Aw. Were you always so energetic or have you discovered the secret of youth?

  6. I have to say your business made me tired:) Nice pics. Hug B

  7. All my critters said you were awesome!

  8. Lovey is such a cutie! She looks like a pit/boxer mix. :o) I bet she's a snuggler. Hopefully, you'll have some down time soon to work in the garden. Have Lovey dig any new holes. :o)