Friday, January 23, 2015


I have been ruminating about surfaces lately.  I have no idea why.  I tend to glom onto a thought like a terrier sometimes and off I go.  Then, again, most times I couldn't hang onto a thought even if it came with handles.

Winter surfaces can be very tricky.  Thanks to three inches of rain this past Sunday, the carport is a skating rink.  As is the driveway, the pathways, the front yard.  But the carport is smooth as glass.  The rest of the homestead is like walking on frozen choppy waves.  We had about six inches or more of snow, which turned into four inches of thick slush.  Then I have to walk through it, then it freezes.  I can carefully pick my way around it during daylight hours, but it is an Olympic sport at night.  Especially with the little "bombs" that Pepper leaves down the pathway to the chicken coop.

*I was thinking about Fiona's comment yesterday - a children's book about Pepper.  What would it be titled?  How about:  "Pepper.  Pepper!  PEPPER!!!!!  Tales of a Dog with Selective Deafness."*

Then there are my inside surfaces.  There is not, I am sorry to say, a clean surface in the house.  I had just cleared off the dining room table and thoroughly scrubbed it, when I turned my back, turned around again and found Slim/Slom/Salami lying on it.  It was still damp, for Ned's sake.  I thought cats hated dampness... 

I decided to hang a small, oval mirror that I had picked up some years ago at an estate sale (which lamp had languished in the craft closet until discovery this past weekend), so I cleaned it up, put it down, got hammer and picture hook, then hung it up and looked at it.  There was a perfect cat paw print smack dab in the center.  Sigh.

*The position of the mirror came about when I realized I had left the house, driven an hour, entered my office, worked an hour, before realizing I had not combed my hair.  Alas, the feral state is encroaching....

And let's not forget those vertical surfaces - glass.  An ever re-appearing layer of dog-nose-gunk.

Dusty surfaces abound in the house.  I blame the abundance of dust on the fact that there is almost no ambient light that points it out, thanks to our gloomy winter.  And then there's that pesky lack of focus.  I have started down the hallway to retrieve my handy duster so many times, only to swerve into another room, onto another chore.  Then there is this:

Dust if you must, but wouldn't it be better
To paint a picture, or write a letter,
Bake a cake, or plant a seed;
Ponder the difference between want and need?

Dust if you must, but there's not much time,
With rivers to swim, and mountains to climb;
Music to hear, and books to read;
Friends to cherish, and life to lead.

Dust if you must, but the world's out there
With the sun in your eyes, and the wind in your hair;
A flutter of snow, a shower of rain,
This day will not come around again.

Dust if you must, but bear in mind,
Old age will come and it's not kind.
And when you go (and go you must)
You, yourself, will make more dust.

A wonderful poem by Rose Milligan.  And who wouldn't take the word of someone named "Rose" to heart?  It is my Domestic Creed.

P.S.  I just found my next most favorite spam email:  You can bury male sluggishness.  Hot darn!!!


  1. What a wonderful poem!
    And something to remind us that life is too short.

    It sounds like your ice situation is far beyond "Stabilicers" or some such similar item.
    Perhaps crampons?
    My gosh, be careful out there!
    Too many furry critters depend on you to get the sacks of feed from the car to the house!

  2. Oh Rose Milligan says it perfectly, I always loved that poem. Good luck with the surfaces:) Hug B

  3. I once got halfway to work before I realized (on the freeway) that I still had my $4.99 Walgreens plastic house sandals on. Had to go aallllllll the way home to retrieve my real shoes (not that they were much better, but you know...). So I hear you about the unfocused feral thing. :)

    1. TM - I will say that no one in the office notices what I wear, let alone what I wear on my feet. I could have worked all day in my plastic house sandals...

  4. I love that poem - it perfectly sums up how I feel about dusting (though I do break down and do it on occasion anyway)

    1. Jenyfer - Some days you HAVE to dust. Luckily (for me) those days are few and far behind.

  5. Confessions of a lazy homemaker: I LOVE my pine furniture because it doesn't show the dust! Until, that is, the sun shines and I'm appalled by the level of filth we've been happily living in. Fortunately, during this whole month of January, the level of filth has been seen twice . . . for a very brief period.

    I had a friend working as a night nurse in our small hospital. One winter evening she arrived at work with no "work" shoes to change into. So she spent the whole night ga-lumping (quite audibly) up and down the corridors in her -30 below rated, army-green, knee high, heavily insulated with two-inch thick Vibram sole boots.

    P.S. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what burying male sluggishness means.

    1. Mama Pea - Yes, dark wood is the bane of my domestic existence. I bet your friend's feet were nice and 'toasty'!

      P.S. Me, too. But it is a hoot!

  6. Dust has got to be one of my most dreaded tasks. In addition to light shining on it to make you notice, I have several corner tables that the lamp doesn't get turned on very often but once the light is on, oh my. Definitely write your name in it thick.

  7. Maybe "No Pepper" like the kids books "No David!"

  8. "Alas, the feral state is encroaching...."


    it weeds out the bad friends from the good friends you know... ;/


    1. JG aka FW - Nothing in the least bit is wrong with the Feral State. It is, in my humble opinion, a state of pure bliss! However, for one who has to circumnavigate both a feral and unferal world, it gets a bit dicey when the feral starts encroaching on the non. Dicey for those around me, though. I still thrive!

  9. Dust.....yup......I have it here!
    The poem is awesome! Pepper is doing his part to make a rough less icy surface for you??????:)