Friday, January 2, 2015

Coincidence or .....

When I owned my Ford Focus wagon (still remembered very fondly), I used to drive by a house that had the exact same year, model and color in their driveway.  "Good taste," I'd think, as I tootled by.  Then I got the Doomed Subaru (not remembered fondly - trying hard to forget it,  Possibly when the loan is paid off next year...sigh).  The Doppelganger Ford disappeared for a week to be replaced by...a silver/grey old model Subaru Forester.  Not exactly the same, but enough like it to make my head swivel sharply when I drove by.

When the Subaru committed hari kari, I got the Hyundai Tuscan.  With which I am very happy.  Today, driving for my birthday foray into a yarn store, I found myself driving behind the exact same car - year, model, color.  Any guesses as into which driveway it pulled?  Yep.  I swear I had goosebumps for the next ten miles.

I was tempted to pull in behind it and check to see if it was a manual transmission.  But...what if it were?

Better to let those sleeping devil dogs lie....


  1. Just found your blog a few weeks ago. I so enjoy your humor. I smile the whole time I'm reading. Maybe you should pull into that driveway. Sounds like you may have a lot in common.

  2. That sounds like our neighbor's right across the street from us. They do EVERYTHING we do. If we go out and cut the grass, yep here they come. Water the garden, oh yes, there they are. Put a new front door on our house, guess what! Yes, a new door for them too. Its mildly amusing. I do things outside just for fun now.....

  3. I love weird stuff like that.
    We live in a stone house. There is one other one on the road.
    The guy has the EXACT NAME as my hubby---only hubby's is the GERMAN version of the name.
    They are introverts. We are introverts.

    Hickory Hill nailed it---you NEED to introduce yourself!

  4. I'd say you've got a situation going on there that is a tad more than weird!

    I'm kicking myself for forgetting January 1st is your birthday! Happy, happy belated wishes to you. Have you ever considered changing it to, say, June 1st? (You'd be 6 months younger!) I'm sure all of your growing up years, you wished you had made your appearance on a different date. There are very few of us who are even functioning on January 1st after the big holidays!

  5. All that must mean that you're the trend setter in your neighborhood!!! And you thought you were just another one of the flock. :)

  6. Hope it was happy! (Any chance that house with matching car is owned by an eligible bachelor? Sounds like you might get along famously -- or at least be in synch!

  7. Ca-weep-eee!
    And yes, I too forgot about your Birthday. So here's a "Happy Birthday!" to you. Hope it was a great one :)

  8. Susan,

    Happy Belated Birthday My Friend, you're Birthday is on the 1st and my husbands is on the 31st.

    I think you're distant neighbor likes all the vehicles you've bought.....a bit strange!!!

  9. Susan,

    I typed out a comment and don't know what happened to it after I transmitted it. So, I will try again.

    Happy Belated Birthday To You!!!!
    Your BD is on the 1st, my hubby's is on the 31st.

    Hope you have a beautiful birthday, and picked up all kinds of yarn.

    As for your distant neighbor.......that's freaky!!!

  10. Too funny! I saw the post title show up in my reader and my first thought is from NCIS Gibbs rule that there is no such thing as coincidence but whoa....this could change my mind! :)