Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Losing it...

My week has gone:

Keys?  Gone.
Cell phone?  Gone.
Head?  Apparently, not attached.

I managed to completely lose my keys.  Luckily, I had spares, but still....I have misplaced them before, but they are usually found after a thorough search (sprinkled with spicy language) in a jacket pocket, car floor boards, under the hutch, in the laundry hamper.  This time?  Nada.

Last night I arrived home, schlepped some delivered boxes in the house, let the dogs out, and discovered ... no cell phone.  Once again, a thorough search (sprinkled with both spicy and salty language) uncovered .... still no cell phone.  That's not too bad, 'cause I still have my computer and email so in case I am marooned on my desert island of a farmet, I can still be in contact with the world, right?

Not so.  Every time I brought up my email account, the computer froze.

Sigh.  More salty, spicy language.  By now, the dogs were studiously avoiding me.  Even Pepper, which is saying something.

I made a cup of tea (the British really do have something there), sat down with my knitting and managed to ignore the stupid demons (you know, those little voices in your head that dress you down for being such an ignoramus as to have lost both keys AND phone - and then move onto every other stupid thing you've done in your life). 

This morning, I ran a thorough virus scan on the computer (without salty or spicy language) and did not try to open it.  I then tottered into the office where I discovered my phone.  On my desk.

Still looking for my keys.


  1. Enough salty language and you'll turn into a pirate!!
    Best of luck on finding the keys. Maybe you're SUPPOSED to stay home???
    Could be a sign. Fingers crossed!
    Happy New year!

    1. Sue - Har, Matey! I guess my Navy-parents roots are showing... You know, that's what I thought, too. I am definitely staying home tonight - you will never catch me out on Amateur Night. A very Happy New Year to you!

  2. Losing it?
    That's implying that you actually HAD it!

  3. It must be something in the air. The air over New York and Minnesota. Although I am in possession of my keys (at the moment), I have been doing tons of forgetful, dumb, stoopid things that had my dear husband asking yesterday, "Should I be worried about you?" (The answer is yes.) For a couple of years now, my excuse has been brain overload. Our lives are simply too full, too fast, too MUCH these days. Just take for example how fast we communicate both in our personal and business lives. It used to be if papers had to be gone over and/or signed, you folded them up, put them in the mail and the recipient got them in maybe three or four days. Then it took that long to get back to you. Now it's done instantaneously via the Internet. Do ya think that little example contributes to speeding up our lives? You betcha! Just think of all the information and data we have to keep in our heads now because of our technological world that keeps changing with the speed of light! Many of these advances are good (how would I have ever met you twenty years ago??) but they still contribute mightily to our too-full lives. And that, my dear, is why you've lost your keys.

  4. I have found these to work pretty well on pcs (free)- Malwarebytes and CCleaner. Cuts down on a lot of crap... Happy new year!

  5. Hey, what's happening to my comments? I think the NSA is monitoring your blog!

    1. Stands to reason . . . we all know what a dangerous character you are, Carolyn.

      Mama Pea

      P.S. Wait. If they're monitoring Susan's blog, that must mean she's dangerous, too!

  6. Good luck finding your keys. They'll be where you least expect them. Hope you have a happy New Year's celebration & much more luck in the new year.

  7. I once told my husband I needed to attach locator fobs on his keys since he lost them daily. Santa needs to come back and deliver you a personal assistant! I really hope you find the keys.

  8. I am always losing my keys and phone, add shoes to that and that's my world.

  9. Hope you find your keys. Happy New Year!

  10. Um..Did you look in the ignition yet?

    Thanks for the laugh...

  11. I had to laugh at this post. This sounds SO MUCH like me! I lose everything alllllll the time. Good luck on the keys.

  12. Susan,

    As I get older, losing things happens more often. I need to start putting tracking devices on items, lol. I hope you find your keys~!

  13. Keeping fingers crossed the keys show up!! Happy 2015!