Thursday, March 12, 2015

Never a dull moment.

I had been thinking that I needed more cardiovascular exercise in my (nonexistent) regimen.  Norman must have been reading my mind.

This morning, as I rushed around through the melting snow piles doing morning chores, the neighbor's dog decided it was high time for a visit.  Anyone with livestock knows that most do not appreciate the appearance of a dog.  While Apria flared her nostrils and pointed in the right general direction, and Juno stamped her little hoof, with Linden joined to her, shoulder to rump roast, Norman lost his mind.

This is not a large dog.  Nor a mean or vicious dog.  However, Norman didn't care to wait and find out what type of dog this was.  Thanks to the high snow load and shortening fence height, he more or less jumped over the fence.  Then got mired in the snow, which threw him into more of a frenzy - not helped by the stupid dog, who thought it was all a good romp.  I managed to scoop up the dog and goose-step him out of the field of vision, then came back and tried to calm Norman down to medium gear.  It took quite a while and involved a snow shovel and pan of grain.  And no few curse words.

A half-hour later, both of us were all hot and sweaty, but he was on the right side of the fence, trying not to share his grain with the piggies (J&L).  I quickly shoveled down some of the snow around the fence line - no easy task, as it's packed to glacier ice.  Thank goodness for my coal shovel.

Not surprisingly, I was a little late to the office.


  1. Congratulations on the Cardio workout! I am always amazed at animals and there timing! Hang in there the snow pac will melt

  2. Oh, my, another issue caused by prolonged snow and winter weather! Lucky thing that you were out there to intercede or the outcome could have been bad. So glad that everyone is safe and hoping that the visiting Fido doesn't return for a daily romp!

  3. Norman is such a drama queen. I wonder what the other llamas think of him?

  4. Thank goodness you're in good shape, Wonder Woman! The snow shoveling you've had to do this winter . . . geesh!

  5. Wow, that was some workout! Not something you really want to deal with first thing in the morning (or any other time of day).

  6. Susan,

    It's always when you really don't want something to happen........then it does, and you don't really have the time but have to make the time to take care of the situation.
    Glad to hear you were able to snatch up the dog, and get Norman back into his pen.