Friday, March 27, 2015

Tap, tap, tap, tap.

That is the sound of my little toes - beating a frustrated rhythm as I wait for the snow to melt and my garden to emerge.  When They predicted rain yesterday, I was so hopeful!  Until the rain turned out to be the big, white, fluffy kind.  Sigh.

I have plans to start my rhubarb seeds this weekend, since I might go mad if I don't start something...but it is too early to start anything else.  The way this spring is inching in, I won't be able to get out there and dig until June.  Maybe this is the Universe's way of warming me up for Minniesoda life, right Mama Pea?

I had a bunch of fun things planned for tomorrow, but woke up with a massive head cold (I ignored all the warning signs and didn't head it off) this morning and had to cancel most of it.  The only thing left on the agenda is my neighbor's 80th birthday party.  That should be tame enough not to send me into a tail spin.  Then Sunday I pick up my chicks from N (and squeeze in a few more minutes of snorgling).  I had hoped to get a start on barn cleaning, but we will see if my head holds up.  Or if I can hold up my head.

Not much else is going on.  I continue to monitor the wiener dog - he injured his back over a week ago and has been on meds and house arrest.  Those little doxies - with spines like suspension bridges.  He has been pretty good about it, but yesterday brought a new wrinkle:  he is having trouble with a front paw in that it knuckles over and he tends to drag it a bit.  I called my vet yesterday, who was out of town so I got his partner.  Or, rather, I got the receptionist who was the go-between, keeping me on hold forever.  This did not impress me whatsoever.  Apparently, my vet called in this morning because I have had three calls from the office - two from techs and one from 'herself'.  I am still not impressed.  But I have to think of the little laddie.

I decided to spare you and not include pictures - most especially of the chicken yard where, as the glacier slowly recedes, a vast amount of 'dog bombs' are emerging.  Let's see, three dogs times twice a day, times 603 days......  Time to dust off the hazmat suit.


  1. I've been starting seeds for the past couple of weeks, but have now run out of things that need a LONG head start---celery,etc.
    I have a cold frame set up thawing out a bed, but have no desire to wander out there--it's 19 degrees at 2:30 pm--and with the winds, the chill is well below zero.
    Happy Spring, Susan
    It's gotta be SOMEWHERE!!!!

  2. we just had a snow shower here. no warm weather for this weekend!

  3. We are still having snow. Tomorrow rain but I bet it will be snow. I had a sore throat that started last Friday and finally left on Thursday. But that's it. I am suspicious the virus is lurking ready to leap back out at any minute. I sympathize. We have 3 dogs - yeah - its gonna be ugly! :)

  4. Hope you feel better soon, and there's a "melt" :)

  5. Hope you feel better. Spring will EVENTUALLY arrive, hang in there!

  6. We had flurries today, but didn't last long. At least all the white stuff is melted finally and gone gone gone. Got my new chicks on St Paddy's Day. Haven't got a damn thing started, but did get a small order in from Territorial Seeds...all except the one thing we needed--the potatoes. They said sometime mid-April. sigh...Been missing you. I have been MIA...long story. lol

  7. Same thing here, south of Buffalo, and so annoyed by it, then today I woke up to almost 2" of fresh white fluff. Thankfully, it was just up in the hills. Enough already.

  8. Susan,

    I wonder if I did a Indian dance outside and used the word snow instead of rain if this would stop the snow up there.......just a thought......LOL!!!!! It would be nice if the snow would stop, and the melting would start with warm temperatures for all your animals.

    Susan, I'm so sorry to hear about your little wiener dog. We have the same issues with Chihuahua's and their spines.

    Hopefully your head cold will go away soon. Head colds makes it so difficult to breath. Get well soon my friend.

  9. Dear Snow Queen - I do believe Mother Nature has gone psychotic. All across the country spring is full of snowflakes and cold weather. So it's not just us living up here near the tundra. When you move to MN (hee-hee) you will have to build a room dedicated to starting seeds (and I'll rent space from you) and you can spend all of March, April and May nurturing a gazillion little seedlings. Then they can be moved to your gargantuan hoop house cover 1/2 an acre of garden. (I'll rent space from you there, too.) You won't have any more head colds because those germs can't survive up here because it's too darn cold.

    Oh, do take care of little Pepperoni. That dragging paw doesn't sound right.

    You're starting rhubarb from seed? They sell roots, ya know!

  10. We just had spring duck out of sight for a few days (at least I hope it's only a few days), just as I was ready to get my collard, cabbage, and kale seedings in the ground. What a winter! I'm also interested that you're planting rhubarb from seed. My roots didn't make it but I may try again this year in a different location. Hope you're feeling better!

    1. Leigh, just to put my thoughts and two cents in here regarding rhubarb . . . I've read that rhubarb won't do well (or even survive!) in "the south" because it actually needs a hard, cold winter as part of its natural cycle. (Gosh! There IS something we can grow up here near the tundra that you can't in the more favorable gardening climates!)

  11. Poor little Pepper. You must be feeling a little anxious for him. Neighbours are busy thinning out their gardens and I have a load of plants in the freezing cold, 'un"sun room. Yesterday I tried to dig holes for some of them in the pouring rain. I was covered in mud and the holes filled up with water so in the "sun" room they stay.