Friday, April 22, 2016

Next Out of the Door...

(Please excuse the horsey-ness of the pics - this post was iPhone-driven.)

Items 120-126

120- Great idea, wrong windows!

121- Made for votive candles, by some twisted mind.  You are supposed to balance the candle on a tiny plate on the bottom which then must be screwed in without knocking the candle over.  While lighted.

122- Wore it to death then not for two years....kept it one year past the one year "rule"...

123- A print of one of my favorite paintings.  I've had it since my late 20s.  Which makes it an antique.

124- see #122

125- One of those "surely I can find a use for this" items.  Surely not.

126- For all those sweeping vistas I was going to photograph.  I'm all about the accoutrements....


  1. Yes, I too have heard the siren-call of "surely I can find a use for this" items from time to time.

  2. Still at it!! This is terrific. I don't think I'll EVER get tired of this. Um, you're not gonna run out of stuff, are you?????

  3. I like the second piece but simply as a piece not a candle holder.