Monday, April 25, 2016

It's not cheating, right?

Let's see if I can *ahem* rationalize convince you of the latest purge targets...

127-131 - rhubarb plants
132- garden cart
133- rolling garden seat

As I staggered around yesterday (remnants of six hours of coop-cleaning the day before) I realized I hadn't done my weekly purge list.  But wait!  I have way too many rhubarb plants for a family of one (none of my dependents - other than the biddies - will eat rhubarb) so I split some of the plants and potted up five.  While I was rummaging around in the carport, I came across the garden cart - which I used to display them and then realized I had not used it in over a year.  #132!  And, hidden behind the cart was the little wheeled seat.  #133! 

I have to give the transplants time to get over the shock of being plucked from their nice little home.  I did manage to pot up 15 pots of violas.  I planted a few violas a couple of years ago and now they have taken over the world.  Or at least my corner of it.  And I cannot just rip them out, because they are darling and pretty.  I took a large pot over to my sister and am slowly but surely moving volunteers into various deck pots.  I feel so thrifty.

Little Purple Poseys all in a row
I just love the heartiness and beauty of these flowers
I am trying to fit in weeding raised beds here and there.  I did, over the course of the weekend, clean the bean/pea bed and plant peas; transplant a volunteer chive clump; finish prepping my strawberry bed; finally clean up after myself.  My neighbor stopped by with his granddaughter and her husband in the middle of my coop-cleaning extravaganza.  I was forced to stop.  O woe was me - not.  The granddaughter's husband is a very nice young fellow, who is also a talented carpenter looking for odd jobs.  HOOHA.  Did he come to the right place!  I have him working up quotes for:  duck housing, roofing, building of overhand over front deck, pergola over back deck.  And I still have a few other project up my proverbial sleeve.  If he is affordable, it may be the answer to many wishes sent out into the ether. 


  1. Yep, even up here in da nort country, we have violas (we call them johnny-jump-ups) popping up all over in the garden soil. I always transplant them to little spots that need some color in among the veggies.

    Wowzer! Your hopefully-new-handyman sounds too good to be true. (Or should we wait to hear his $$$ estimates?) He does sound like he WILL be the answer to your many wishes wished for. Yay, yay, yay!

  2. So nice to find someone that will work----send him my way. I have projects galore!
    And I want that cart----I have TWO and need another!!!

  3. Hope your handyman works out $$$ wise & talent wise too. Love the violas!

  4. I'm thinking that rolling garden seat could prevent a lot of aches and pains! But don't listen to me; you're purging. LOVE pansies/violas/violets; such happy-face flowers.

  5. Now, by rhubarb-loving "biddies," do you mean your chickens or older women? I love rhubarb but fit into only one of those categories.

  6. I just read somewhere that Rhubarb is good as a natural dye. I need to progress beyond walnuts.

  7. omg do i need a handy man!!! i am being overrun with voles. any advice?

  8. Love those violas! I planted them en masse where their little faces are always smiling through my kitchen window. I do hope the handyman works out for you. Wouldn't it be nice to complete a project or two?

  9. I have just found a lady carpenter. So in tune with my needs. Good luck with all the projects.

  10. Susan,

    I've always love viola's they're just so vibrant. As for your garden cart and seat, I personally would keep them. Even though you haven't used them in one year, doesn't mean you won't need them on future projects. I consider both tools and an investment. I miss my chair and cart. I need to get my hiney down south and pick them back up. Hubby and I brought them down when working on my parents estate, and when we were done using them,we stored them in my sisters garage just in case we needed to use them again down there. Next month, I need to rent a trailer and haul all of our tools and equipment back from TX back home. Strange thing, I have felt lost without my garden tools.

    Sending hugs and love your way.

  11. Wow, glad you found someone to do all those handy jobs. Sounds like you'll be getting things done.

  12. I could use a couple of spare carpenters and that garden cart!

  13. If I lived near you I'd grab the garden cart and run! I have a rolley seat like yours and can't garden without it. You might want to keep those!