Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Musings 134-140

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

I'm s.l.o.w.l.y getting close to the half-way mark in my purge goal.  The challenge, I've found, is not finding the junk treasures to part with, it's more finding time to find the treasures.  I am, of course, surprised that I don't have time.  I do believe that my mind lives in its own universe where there is nothing BUT time.  However, the rest of me lives in real time - what little there is of it.  Got that?

134- My 3-in-1 small appliance.  I realized that I use exactly 1-in-3 and that the fact that it is non-stick (which raises alarm bells in my now-PFOA-consciousness) means I won't continue to use it.  It is not Teflon, so not on the list of harmful.  Yet.... I am opting for a plain old crockpot.  With glazed ceramic bowl.  Of which I am sure they will find causes unknown risk to us all.  Sigh.
135- This book was inspirational back in my catering, 'just call me martha' entertaining days.  Now, you'll get placemats and - on a good day - matching flatware.
136-138  More casting off of the plastic.  Even though these are reusable bags, I am heading in the direction of fabric that I can toss in the washer if need be.
139-140  Even though there are days when I could actually drink two cups of coffee simultaneously (is that physically possible?), I am paring down.  The cup on the right is a Bennington Potters cup and was a bit difficult to part with....
Except, now I have this beauty!  (Which actually means that I am adding something, which reduces the total number by one, technically, but it's my game and my rules.  Pfft.)
A mug with humanity.

I will furnish details of my Mug with Humanity in my next post.  Brace yourself - I actually took pictures!


  1. Susan,

    Mug with Humanity, interesting....can't wait to read your next post.

    Your doing a good job going through everything and taking your time to find the perfect treasures.

  2. Yes, I got that! You've explained perfectly why I am always so sure I can get EVERYTHING done that's on my list . . . and never do.

  3. A book on beautiful place settings. Hmmmm. At my house, you'll be served on Corelle plates with paper napkins. BUT---I will be THRILLED at the company and I do make a mean apple I must be forgiven my lack of "fancy eatin' dishes"!

  4. Where are all these treasures going? Just curious . . . :o]

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  6. Wow, you are really progressing on this. I am purging my cupboards and donating to the Oldest Daughter's (shared) condo. It's felt good to purge and re-organize.