Monday, May 23, 2016

In! Over the wire...

I had meant to post these last week.  As usual, I kept thinking I had plenty of time.  There's an example of faulty logic.  On Friday night, I thought, "Hey!  Saturday is still part of the week!"  Saturday morning?  "Hey!  Saturday night is still legally the same week!"  By Saturday night, I couldn't muster the energy to lift a finger....



148-150  The Baby, Mama and Papa of waterers.  Of the three, only the middle one works well (IMHO) but is a citch to blean, if you catch my drift.  And why do I have 25 poultry waterers?

151- Another one of those "read description before you buy" things.  It fits nothing I own.

152- Okay, really reaching here BUT a) it's an item and b) it's going out.  I'm counting it.  So there.

153- Part of the PP (plastic purge).  I found this waaaay back in the top pantry cupboard and I don't think I have ever used it.

154- I love the looks of this, but it is not a functional purse for me.

I am starting to feel hopeful - I'm closing in on the halfway mark!


  1. I'm sure gonna miss this when you're done.
    I can't believe you're still going with it---amazing!
    And what is #152???

  2. Susan,

    Well done!!! Halfway mark wooohoooo :P