Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Socialization - Part Whatever

As part of my ongoing effort to socialize myself, I headed out on Saturday to visit my friend, Linda, in Chicopee, MA.  There was a pottery tour afoot and I am always game for an afternoon steeped in others' creative efforts.  After a nerve-wracking trip on the Mass Pike and some faulty GPS instructions, I arrived at Linda's and we headed out.  I did not get pics of the various potters - my camera battery was lowish and I forgot - but I did take a snap of this clever way of displaying a pot.  There were some completely awesome artists (the first three were the best) and I picked up a wonderful shallow bowl, an adorable pitcher, an object that cannot be described - it's a birthday gift, and the wonderful coffee mug in yesterday's post.

Creative use of a woodpile

We (Linda) did a lot of driving and we ended the tour in Shelburne Falls - a place I have always wanted to visit.  Besides a wonderful array of little shops and artists, there are glacial potholes and the Bridge of Flowers.
Of course, treaty or not, they did
not keep their word.  Surprise.  Not.
Salmon Falls and Glacial Potholes.  Cool!

I like THESE potholes.

Wonderful wisteria on the Bridge of Flowers

More wonderful wisteria.

Their magnolia is blooming!

The other end of the hand...
my friend, Linda.

The last potter we visited was in Shelburne Falls - he of the Mug of Humanity.  His wares were displayed in a 54 y/o Airstream travel trailer, which had me at the get-go.  When I mentioned that I was looking for a special coffee/tea mug - something unique - he said, what you need is a mug with humanity.  I'm still not sure what humanity had to do with my mug, but I love it. 

What had started off as a bright, sunny day, diminished by the time we reached the Bridge of Flowers.  It was still a lovely sight - and I can imagine it is spectacular by June.  Linda and I saw at least 20 shops that we wanted to explore further, but time was not on our side, as we had to drive back to Chicopee for me to collect my car and make the trek home.  Knowing I would arrive late, I picked up two boxes of the pups' favorite non-mom-baked treats at Trader Joe's.  I shouldn't have worried.  While the cats gave me the cold-shoulder, the dogs were jubilant that I was home, treats or not. 

This is the end of my socializing for a while.  As fun as it was, in the back of my mind (rather close to the front, actually) was the realization that there is a garden to be cleaned up and readied for planting.  On weekends.  And, of course, Sunday it rained all day.


  1. I always seem to have those chores in the back of my head during social events. I do enjoy people [well select people] but to be honest I could now stay at home every moment. It is peaceful here even with the poultry and the weird Mockingbird who is trying to imitate all of the poultry.
    It does look like you saw some very interesting things on your adventure!

  2. Selling handmade wares from an airstream?! Oh my gosh, that would have sold me on the spot too. What a fun trip.

  3. Susan - when we first moved to the island, socializing was a big part of our days. we put off planting on perfect planting days, we put off perfect river days and perfect ocean days in order to socialize. we are now deep-rooted in our 2 sister communities and everyone knows that if they need us - we'll be there. but this year is about us. it is about saying no if we have a perfect planting day/river day/ocean day/driving around day. this year is about as little socializing as possible. this year is about us!

    sending love. your friend,

  4. I predict another visit this summer to Shelburne Falls to go through all those delightful little shops! I love spending a day like that.

  5. Are you UN-doing your great purge????????

    Sounds like a terrific day. Such great sights to be seen.

  6. Lovely little day getaway! And all the nicer 'cause you got to spend it with a friend you don't see often. Terrible time of year to be inspired by other artists though, no? Now's the time when our creativity is accomplished with dirt under our fingernails! (But very satisfying all the same!)

  7. Susan,

    From time to time we all need a break from the homestead/farm. Getting out with your friend,Linda made for a great get away. Gorgeous sites to see, and a great find....the cup of humanity.