Friday, May 13, 2016

Neither rain, nor stolen phone ....

can keep me from posting my weekly purge!  You'll just have to close your eyes and imagine what they look like.

(Trumpet flare)

141- Black wide legged work pants.  With tags.  Languished in my closet for over four years, waiting to be hemmed.

142- Navy cotton Bermuda shorts.  Right.  Shorts rank up there with bathing suits in my wardrobe.

143- Black cotton sweater.  I have three.

144- Beaded pie weights.  Got these as a gift and used them once.  I think it was back in 1975.

145- Four fake gourds.  I grew real ones instead.

146- Black Merrell shoes.  You know, the kind that make you think you are walking pigeon-toed?  I find (lo and behold) that I own three pair of very similar shoes.  These are the lace-up kind and I am practicing for when I am old and feeble (in about 24 hours), so no laces for me.

147- "The Silver Palate Cookbook".  One of my oldies but goodies that I used constantly, back in the day.  I have not opened it during the entire time I've lived here.  Time to share.

(Not counted but still jettisoned, three pair of BGPs that were beginning to look like a cross between cotton gauze and Swiss cheese.  I find it very difficult to part with comfy undies.  TMI?)

Duck news - someone is quacking.  I had put them outside in a pen yesterday and then, when I brought them back inside last night after work, I heard a distinct "Quack".  It's the largest one - I caught him looking around, startled expression on his puss, wondering where that sound came from.  My babies are growing up!


  1. You continue to make your decluttering/purging posts an enjoyable, funny read for me. You've stayed on task (gosh, you're tough) and deserve another Gold Star or two.

    Remind me again what variety your quackers (ducks) are?

    1. Thanks, Mama Pea! They are Anconas - white with plack splotches, even on their feet, legs and bills!

  2. Oh, I wish you had pictures of your ducks! Hubby and I just visited the local feed store today--just to see the ducklings. Nothing cuter on earth. And the expression on the clerk's face when hubby whipped out his "spork" was priceless. Yea. We do weird crap like that sometimes.

  3. The day is coming soon when I'll be moving over to velcro shoes too.

  4. ah we look back on our ducklings first we just want them to be quiet now and then!

  5. Wonderful progress. You have inspired me and I have a box for donations going. I try to add one thing a day until it's full.

    Sweet quacks.

  6. Keep purging! Only keep what matters, is beautiful, or brings you real joy. Dump the rest. :o)

  7. Well you are certainly encouraging me to purge too. I have a few items filling up a box for the thrift again. It has been freeing and satisfying. Sounds like your ducks are growing fast. I'm considering introducing my young hens to the older ones soon.

  8. Ok, I was reading this and trying to figure out what a weekly purge was.... I got it, the trip to Goodwill! I bagged up a few items today for Goodwill, mostly clothes though. Sharing is caring!

  9. Susan.....
    Quack...Quack....Quack. I just love when ducks start to speak, it startles them. Yes, their growing up!!!

    What are beaded pie weights?? I've not heard of this before.

    It's raining here today, weather will be calm for us. Northwestern OK is targeted with severe weather. Please tell me you didn't get snow again.