Monday, January 30, 2017

Frugal knitting, a giveaway, when "good for you" is not good, and rassling.

After knitting like mad (with a worried eye on the ever-dwindling ball of yarn), I managed to eke out my project.   Voila!  Pink!  This is one of my favorite patterns - it's just complicated enough to make it interesting, but not so much that I throw up my hands and walk away.  I am offering this pink alligator scarf as a giveaway - to any ferocious little girl (or boy), any fashionably confident man or woman.  It's only open to the (former) US and Canada, however - postage constraints, you know.
Just leave a comment about how pink fits into your life (or not - but, then, why would you want a pink alligator scarf?) by midnight Thursday.  I will announce the winner on Friday.  Bon chance!
A pink hedgehog?
Pink 'gator!

As I am trying not to eat my way out of January/February, I am trying to both hold it down on the carbs, while introducing healthier grains into my diet.  This is a challenge for my weekend baking - for the barn crew, who appreciate sugar, fat and sugar.  And fat.  Did I mention sugar?  I've tried to sneak in some gluten-free treats and some have been met with approval, while some are just not mentioned.  This weekend I made some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies with low gluctose sugar (palm) and 'healthy' flours - teff, sorghum, hemp.  As I mixed the sandy mass, I could tell it was not going to be good.  Maybe good for you, but not good.  No, not at all.  Besides the sandy texture, it was held together with sunflower oil.  So, now we had a sandy, oily mixture.  And thanks, I am sure, to the hemp flower, there was a definite aroma of burlap.  Argle.  I tried a very tiny bit and, while I did not gag (maybe mentally), they were not good.  I put them aside, where they cooled to the consistency of a hockey puck, and whipped up an applesauce spice cake.
Lovey and her sidekick, Baby Hippo, continue to romp madly.  There is less snarly bits now - and they even sleep very close together on the sofa.  I think she is very happy - other than having to share me - having someone to play with.  I continue to adore the hippo, with the exception of his refusal to remember that he's housebroken.  He doesn't seem to mind the cold at all, which surprises me, seeing that he's from southern Alabama. 
Cinnamon and vanilla
Their favorite game is Red Light/Green Light:


jaz@octoberfarm said...

oh i love the scarf!!!! perfect for the next march!!! those two are adorable together!

Sandy Livesay said...


Now that's a pattern I haven't seen before....your pink scarf is adorable!!! Please enter me in your giveaway.

Your pups are getting along very well, I love how they're playing Red Light/Green Light and not getting jealous over the toy.


Saundra said...

Susan, I have a greatgranddaugher who looks the image of sweetness, wears pink most of the time, and can act like your loves in the video. Your scarf would be perfect for her.
Lovey & Baby Hippo were fun to watch at play.
I'm sorry your cookies were a bust. Healthy cookies are an oxymoron in my house--they never turn out edible (I'm just too used to sugar, wheat, & fat.) Stay well & warm. Sandy in Calif.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Well now, that would go perfectly with a pair of Pink Cadillac boots a farmer I know wears;)
About your cookies.....they sound delicious and something I should be eating instead of this full of sugar and fat butter tart that fell into my lap. Its my story :)
Baby Hippo and big smiles . Hugs B

Mama Pea said...

Maybe if I were better balanced emotionally, I could wear the pink alligator scarf and not care one whit about the strange looks I would get. However, please go ahead and enter me in the drawing as I know just the perfect 8 year old little blonde gal I would pass it on to.

Lovey and Bertie (aka the Baby Hippo) could be brother and sister from the same litter in looks, don't you think? I love to see both those tails going a mile a minute as they play. Is the Pepperoni above all the shenanigans?

I'm all for making our food as healthy as possible, but it's gotta pass the taste test or I don't make it again. I just luvs to eat way too much!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The Gator Scarf is cute as hell but I'm not a scarf wearer so I'll let others enter to win it!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...


Susan said...

I'm not entering for the pink scarf because I already have a beautiful, warm, comfortable and exquisitely knitted ear warmer from you. Love that thing. Also love to see the tails wagging.

Jenn said...

That scarf is fantastic!! It would be a great accessory for a cold Canadian winter.

Michelle said...

I would wear that Pepto-Bismol scarf with pride – and LOVE all the play-bowing, tail-wagging fun going on in your house!

Goatldi said...

Alas all my grands girls are past pink reptile stage. It is A adorable however but don't toss me in the hat. Nice blog I too am eating my way out of winter but with the usual suspects which may mean new Wranglers by Feb.

The Maine Gray Zone said...

Don't you think SNAPPSY'S sisters would love this pink alligator scarf? Good advertising for Mom.
Marlo and Cosmo play like that continuously.

Peg said...

The scarf is adorable. I've never learned to knit and it's things like this, fun projects, that make me regret it. I would love to have the scarf to gift to a 10 year old girl who LOVES pink. Most of her clothes are pink. The dogs sure are having fun.

Unknown said...

Love this beautiful pink scarf!!! Cinnamon and vanilla look so cute together!!! Thanks for sharing:)