Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend Adventures and a (late) Winner.

Firstly, let me apologize for not posting the winner of the alligator scarf on Friday.  In my defense - I couldn't!  I do all of my posting on my (ssshhh) work computer because Blogger on my phone now refuses to let me post.  And my work computer was not working last Friday.  That being said, CONGRATULATIONS SANDRA FROM CALIFORNIA!  You are the winner!  Please email your mailing particulars to me and I will send it off.

My weekend was the usual mix of too much to do in too little time.  I have been trying to hold the number of errands I run down to eight on Saturday, but sometimes it's impossible.  My list on Saturday morning was:  town clerk (Bertie's license), library, transfer station, monthly grocery run (two stores), gas, parents, feed.  I had the logistics worked out until I had to add a trip to the vet to pick up more antibiotics for B - he is still coughing.  I called around and found a neighbor who was going to the same feed store, so I begged them to pick up my feed.  That saved me quite a bit of time, as it's in Massachusetts - and a good half hour south of where I'd be in Vermont.  I also have been trying to go NOWHERE on Sunday.  In the end, I relegated the trip to the transfer station to Sunday morning.  The good news is that I was able to come in under my $75 monthly cap for groceries!  The total was $67, and $5.50(+ tax) of that was cat food.  Woohoo!  The bad news is that I picked Super Bowl Saturday to do my shopping - both stores were clogged with people loading processed cheese dip ingredients into their carts.  There were millions of them!  From the looks of the contents of the overloaded carts, the stores weren't the only things heading for clog-dom - look out arteries!

I made it back home by 3 and did a quick vacuuming - my knitting night with Melanie is now Saturday.  Bertie is in love with Melanie.  He steals her yarn, tries to climb in her lap, leans heavily while looking up with adoring eyes.  It's a hoot.  After a very nice evening of conversation, wine & cheese (she brought refreshments!) and a crackling fire in the fireplace, everyone collapsed in their various sleeping places and snored through the night...until I woke up at 3:30 because I was cold.  And I was cold because the furnace was not on.  Sigh.  Melanie and I had just been talking about her running out of fuel oil, so I put on six layers and went out with my flashlight - the gauge said half full.  It's been wrong before.  I put in a call to the oil company's emergency line at 4:20A.  The technician finally arrived at 7:45A.  I would have been in bad shape, had I not had alternative heating sources.  He got the furnace going quickly and his reasoning on it not starting was shaky - even to me.  He replaced some connector wires and went on his way.  I will be switching oil companies - if I'm going to be ripped off, I'd rather it be by a local company that will at least arrive quickly.

During the three+ hours it took him to get to us (there were no other emergencies, I learned and he came from less than 20 minutes away), I did what any frugal gal would do - having turned the oven on for warmth, I baked.  I made Blueberry Breakfast Bars, Granola Bars and a quiche, and put a sweet potato chili in the crockpot.  I finished my laundry, folded Saturday's, did three crossword puzzles, knit some more, swaddled the dogs, and stoked the fireplace fire.  I was plum worn out by the time the serviceman left.  I set up my menu plan for the week and managed to get everything made that was on my list.

We also squeezed in a couple of walks, a lot of romping and I put away 150 lbs of feed.  By 5 o'clock, I was dragging.  It seems that, in my mind, I am still 40, while, in reality, I am not.  Luckily, we were ALL pooped last night.  I fell sound asleep in my chair (so, no, Sylvie, I was not at a Super Bowl party...), woke up at 10 and shuffled off to sleep in my nice, warm bed.

On an interesting note, I realized how important it is to be tuned in to your body.  Late afternoon yesterday, I started to get debilitating leg cramps.  I did what any red-blooded Twenty First Century person would do - I Googled it.  Rheumatoid Arthritis?  No.  Over-use?  Not close.  Dehydration?  Bingo!  While I know how important it is to drink water, I don't.  I avoid water like the plague and I'm not sure why.  So I quickly downed a few glasses of water and - voila! - leg cramps went away.  Geez.  I have now added "Drink More Water" to my growing list of good habits I need to develop.  Why is it that good habits are so difficult to develop, while I can glom onto a bad habit like nobody's business?


Susan said...

Don't they look adorable when they are asleep, and innocent. My precious laptop has died and gone to recycling heaven. I'm bumming time on other people's machines which is extremely frustrating, on both sides no doubt.

Saundra said...

I don't know if I'm your gal or it's my wishful thinking but I am known as Sandy, Saundra, or Sandra from California.
If you picked my name my e-mail is: (I couldn't find your e-mail address on your web page.
Have a wonderful day, Sandy.

Mama Pea said...

Your weekend reminded me of what hubby and I asked each other a night or three ago: "Do we ever have 'normal' days around here anymore?" (The answer is no.)

I'm sure Bertie and Lovey have smiles on their faces as they sleep. And why wouldn't they?

A cap of $75/month for groceries? That is fantastic. You need to offer lessons, girl!

Susan said...

Looks can be deceiving, right? It is frustrating not to be able to post over the weekend - my only option is to go to the library, but they are only open part-part-time on Saturday.

Susan said...

You are IT! I'll send you an email this afternoon.

Susan said...

Mama Pea, I believe our normal is abnormal. The two of them are getting very cozy - which is a relief to The Pepperoni, as he is constantly trying to squeeze into my lap between the larger dogs. I am only feeding one of me - and I have been canning for a family of six for pantry is FULL.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I certainly would never be able to keep up your pace!

Susan said...

The trick is to not pay attention to the 'whole' - only each little bit.

Sandy Livesay said...


Congrats to Sandra!!!

Yet another busy work yourself to exhaustion, and then you crash. When busy, it's hard to remember to drink plenty of water. Have you tried to add fresh fruit or veggies to water to entice you to drink more? I just love fresh mint, cucumber slices, and grated ginger in my water. I make a pitcher every couple of days and the family loves it, and it's good for you (shhh....don't tell my family that).

Give your furbies a scratch behind their ears for me :-)

Can I borrow your nice neighbor?? It's hard to find nice neighbors willing to help you out.

Erin said...

Your Saturday knitting night sounds divine! I'd pack up the car and head your way for escape if I could! You can keep the rest of that night into the morning though... brrrr!