Thursday, April 6, 2017

Indestructible meets Bertie

"Indestructible" Dog Toy

Bertie wins every time.  I have now gone through six "Indestructible" dog toys.  This one has lasted, such as it is, longer than all the rest.  My rule of thumb is to do triage on dog toys three times, then out they go.  I am waiting until "Liony" is limb-less.

As we slog through the latest day of gloom - will the sun EVER show itself? - I am comforted by the fact that most of the snow is gone.  I have received notice that my seed potatoes will arrive this week, my onion sets arrived yesterday and my seed-starting workshop is Saturday.  While I cannot wait to get out in my garden and plant, it is in no way, shape or form ready.  I have started to construct my large, three bay compost station and hope to get that finished, or mostly-finished, by the end of the weekend.  If I pace myself right, I should be able to also get a couple of raised beds cleaned up and get into the over-planted strawberry patch to get that in shape as well.  Needless to say, housecleaning will, once again, take third place, if it places at all.  This may also be the weekend of the first grilled meal.  The dogs were showing a suspicious interest in my gas grill and I was afraid that I would lift the top to find a mouse condo.  I did not!  This is the first spring that I don't have to do a major clean-out of my grill!  The only thing I did differently was to put mothballs on a plastic jar lid, as opposed to in a plastic bag with the top left open.  One less thing to clean up!

Mud season has started along with what I call the "Oh, say by the light of the new dawning season, we find all we put off with what we thought was good reason" season.  In other words, once the snow melts, all those things on which I procrastinated are rearing their ugly little heads.  Pfft.  At least I have reached the age where I am realistic about the fact that I won't change.  It just means I have to move a little faster on the weekends.  Which is not as easy as it used to be because I have reached this age.  Crikey.  Or, make that Creaky.


Rain said...

Hi Susan!!! :)) Creaky is what describes me this morning lol...I accept that I won't change either. I have lots of housecleaning to do, can new motto! :) I'm missing the sun too. I'm stalling on starting my seeds indoors...I'm going to push myself to get it done before Saturday because that's when we have sun in the forecast and I want to spend the day on the porch!

Indestructible...well, I think that probably should read "will be less destructible than most toys"...the only brand I trust for very-near indestructible toys is Chuck It!. We bought the balls for the dogs and fill them with treats and they chew them a lot. So far they've lasted over a year without a tear in them. We also bought the ones with cloth flags on them (for fetch in the water), but Jack tore through that the same day we bought them! They do say they are indestructible, but I think just the rubber is!

Toni said...

Raining here today, too. Good news, we got most of the burning done yesterday.

Wish I was planning a garden instead of trading landscape for hardscape. Despite the rain, we are saying bye-bye to lawn.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i think teddy played with a toy twice. chows aren't too playful! tomorrow is the home opener and we will have snow. now we get snow!

Sue said...

On day 40000000 (or so it seems) of cold and gloom here as well.
But-I'm happy as heck cuz they called for 6-8 inches of snow.....and we didn't get it---YAY!
I feel bad about your mud season....we had that back when we lived in Illinois. Gawd, I hated it. Here in Michigan it's pure sand. Sticks to everything, but at least it doesn't try and pull you under....

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm sure Bertie takes the "indestructible" claim as a personal challenge.

Sandy said...


Performing surgery on dog toys is something we both have in common. Tell me....does your dogs sit by you while you sew and fix up their toys? Beans, our dog will sit patiently waiting for his toy while I sew it. He watches every stitch :-)

Yay, your snow is gone!!! Getting closer to planting seeds/seedlings. What type of potatoes and onions are you going to plant this season?


Mama Pea said...

MIA yesterday as Papa Pea had an eye doctor's check-up in the big city. We may recover from being away from home and hours on the road by Monday. (We are SUCH homebodies!)

What is this seed-starting workshop you've talked about??

DFW said...

Susan, I too, creak every morning. I think Bertie & Nelly have a love hate relationship w/toys. I would love to see your compost setup. I am tearing my old pallet 3 bin down this weekend, as it looks more like one bit pile of leaning pieces. Seed starting workshop? Sounds interesting, looking forward to hearing more.

Kristina said...

Same here with the dog toys. Zuri and King can destroy anything we've bought. I know what you mean about the mud season. I tired to weed yesterday, and it was way too wet.