Monday, September 10, 2018

Down Periscope!

I took a couple of days off last week, both to recover from the previous week and because I had some appointments that would have made it too hectic to be here, there, everywhere and in the office. 

Peanut Butter - also know as The Pat - was whisked off to the vet on Thursday.  This is now part of my daily ritual:

The one on the left is Lovey's...
He managed to, once again, injure a disc in his mad dashing about with the Evil Fly.  We also celebrated the first anniversary of his adoption.  Boy, it seems a whole lot longer than a year - and many of hundreds of dollars under that little bridge.  He is on two pain killers and a muscle relaxer, and is confined - once again - to his crate.  The good news is that Lovey seems to be making progress in healing her torn ACL!   Woohoo!  We take good news where we can.

Since I had a little extra time off, my sister and I met at The Clark and took in a couple of new exhibits.  Our favorite was up the hill behind the museum at a lovely, new space, where we sat mesmerized for quite a while, hooked on the swaying and rustling of Jennifer Steinkamp's birch trees in her Blind Eye exhibit.  It was another hot, humid day, but we decided to opt out of the air-conditioned shuttle and we sauntered off down the trails through the woods to the main museum complex.
The Lunder Center at Stone Hill

Lovely view... :)

Trail down the hill, through the
woods and to the main museum
We then went into Williamstown and had a very nice lunch at a Thai restaurant and caught up on recent events and Dad care.  She is a treasure.

I spent the next day weeding and filing - obviously doing penance for some horrendous crime against the Universe, for which I am apparently getting my comeuppance.  Because of this new bump in the road, I will be only posting sporadically, so I thought it only fair to warn you - and it is not due to health problems, my little petals, just in case you were worried.  Oh, no.  Just a non-ending yuk-fest the Universe is having at my expense.

I leave you with my new posh, fancy-schmancy fuel tank enclosure.  It just warms the cockles of my heart to be able to reuse something of this magnitude.  I had inherited a friend's old deck awning - in perfect shape, just faded.  I've had this in storage for years and, after last year's winter beating, the cheap-ass tarps that come from China, cost a pretty penny and don't last worth a damn, had shredded off the enclosure.  My "new" one has scalloped edges!  How fun!  Excuse the dirty 4x4 holding the long edge down - by the time I finished (with the help of my trusty 84 y/o neighbor), we were both beat and just grabbed the first thing that came to hand.  I have to tell you that it just cheers me up when I go out the back and catch sight of it!
I love the scalloped edges!
Whimsy AND function!

I will pop up and post when I can - and will try and keep up with all your writings as well. xo


  1. Well, X and O's to you too. I'm so glad you had a bright spot this weekend at the museum. What a beautiful place and Thai for lunch! My favorite is a sweet and spicy fish dish. Quite the fuel tank covering. What kind of fuel? Our not been used in years oil tank is in the basement with a fill on the outside. Of course we have the wood boiler Rube. Wood is a whole heap of work though. Nothing is truly free. Pets to the Pat and Lovely and Slimmie and hear hear to a resurrection of a wonderful home office. T

    1. I'm saddled with fuel oil. In my next life, it will be wood all the way - work or not, you have more control over the costs, etc. As I have no basement, mine is on the outside. Yes, I am slowly digging out the office/craft room - I can't wait! xo

  2. That awning makes a very attractive tarp!

    1. Isn't it, though? I bet I'm the only one with a tarp like that in the county. Or country.

  3. Happy to hear little ones are on the mend. What a wonderful trip to take with your sister.So pretty there. IT's finally gotten cooler here ,but temperature is going up high for rest of week. Ugh! Understand about not posting so often. Will enjoy reading when you can. take care!

    1. Thank, Lynne. It's a wonderful museum and the campus itself is just lovely - hiking tails, mountains, wildflowers.

  4. sounds like a fun relaxing day. so, did you say what this bump in the road its? hope it smooths out soon.

  5. Wow, that is a fantastic fuel tank cover! If only there were more like that. And that's great news about Lovey! So glad she's healing well.

  6. Hi Susan :) Oh my...has it been a year with PB now? Time flies too fast for me...great news about Lovey :) And I love that fuel tank cover :) Hope you're doing well, I'll send you some X's and O's too! :) xx