Wednesday, April 3, 2019

A Pillar of Virtuosity and I do memes.

In my ongoing, yet futile, attempt to assuage vengeful gods, I have been striving to be the Pillar of Virtuosity.  Alas, I am naught but a tower of sea salt.


There is a new car.  There was a new water leak.  There is progress on the sweater.  There are no fires in the fireplace, due to a faulty flue lever.  (You remember the fireplace - the $3,000 chimney replacement?)  There are duck eggs.  And I saw a bluebird.  There was more quail drama - but there was also the arrival of "The Egg".  There was mud, then there was lots of snow.  We are currently heading back to mud.  The weather is finally heading in the right direction, although the next 500 days have rain in the forecast.

In an attempt to negate all this vengeful action by whatever gods I have so royally pissed off, I have been pretty virtuous.  Almost cloyingly so.  Since all my moaning and groaning and gnashing of teeth has not seemed to make things any better, I'm trying to clean up my act.  Instead of my usual go-to meal when highly stressed (nachos), I made butternut chili.  And carrot ginger kraut. 
Cannot wait until it's ready!
Carrot Kraut Nachos, anyone?
And baked falafel. And caramelized onion quiche.  I am so virtuous, I can barely be in the same room with myself.  And let me tell you, I can stretch a butternut squash to within an inch of its life!  There was chili, Buddha bowls and GF butternut/onion pizza.

The only resident of the LLF who seems to have had a banner week(s) is The Pat.  Peanut's favorite things in the world, besides food of any sort, are men.  Especially workmen.  He has been in workman heaven this past week - we went to the mechanic, there were two visits by the plumber, and his all-time favorite, Billy.  When he sees Billy, he levitates across the ground like a heat-seeking missile and launches himself into Billy's arms.  If I had video production skills, I would film it in slow motion and put romantic music in the background.  It is interesting that, no matter how large and hairy the workman, they all reduce themselves into falsetto baby-talk.  I'll have to admit to liking the plumber - he was working away on the shower drain when I hear him say, "Could you send Peanut back in with that gasket?"  Just as Peanut the Helper appeared with the self-same gasket clenched in his teeth.

The car.  After finding out that the power steering was on its way out on the Hyundai, I slogged through the jungle of car dealers (I actually felt that I needed a shower after one visit - talk about oily...), ending up at the Subaru dealer.  We hammered out a fairly good deal (if you think paying almost as much as a house for a car that drops its value by half as soon as you drive off the lot a 'deal') - I wanted to be sure that they knew I was not a pushover, so I went armed:

Thank you, my Canadian gal-pal.
Saturday I picked up my red Impreza.  I have gotten the basics down, but there are many things that are still a mystery.  It has taken some getting used to - I feel as if I am riding two inches from the pavement and there are no mysterious and alarming noises.  Plus, it is only the second car in my long and inglorious car-ownership-past that has had an automatic transmission.  I am still grabbing madly for the shift.  It has been raining and drizzly and snowing and overcast, so I don't have pictures.  But, if you've seen one red Impreza, you've seen mine.  I really am trying to get excited about it, but I am still suffering the effects of sticker shock.  And I'm not the only one having a hard time getting used to the change.
Mom, there's a strange vehicle in the
driveway.  I'm going to growl and bark continually
until it goes away.
Heading into spring (please god) on an up note:

Now, excuse me while I go inhale some damp earth aroma.


  1. Gosh, I haven't had a really new car in forever! But congratulations I think. Not sure I could handle all the bells and whistles that have become standard. I'm still mad about having to have automatic windows! Love how productive you are. It's motivating!

  2. It's always nice to have a new car and automatics are so easy to drive! You can eat an ice cream cone and drive at the same time, a feat that is impossible with a stick shift.

    I hope your propitiation of the vengeful gods pays off in a smoother future ride through life!

    Love all those photos and memes!

  3. I feel this post should win an award. (Is there an academy that judges and hands out gold statues for such?) If you had only included the video of The Peanut flying through the air to jump into the workman's arms . . . well, this post would have put you in the running for a Life Time Award.

  4. Congratulations on your new vehicle! I pictured the video you talked about, workmen, dog, petals softly falling, sunsets... -Jenn

  5. I've never had to stretch a butternut squash to withing a inch of its live. They have always stretched mine to the point where I have to run away before the avalanche of them threatens to bury me. They are one prolific vegetable.

  6. " I am so virtuous, I can barely be in the same room with myself." hahaha. I know the feeling. I get that way too - even if it is in my own mind only.

    I love Subaru products. They are reliable vehicles. Not cheap, but they last a long time. When we visited Alaska, I was amazed at the vehicles. Not trucks, not American made, or random SUVS - no - the car of Alaska is the Subaru. Says something about the brand I think.

  7. first, you have to stop invoking the gods. hard to do I know as they are so sneakily sensitive. you'd think being a god would make you tough enough to take a little shit. but alas, no. or as my sister says...somebody needs to do something about the 3 year old in the control booth. been wondering where you were. now I know...buying a car. and yeah, have always had standard shift until I let the husband pick the new car. took me forever and a lot of grumbling to get used to an automatic transmission.

  8. Girl, if all your blogpals/friends could vote, you'd be living the most charmed life EVER. But would you be so entertaining then? ;-)

  9. My last "new new" car was twenty years ago, and it was an extended van to carry our art to art shows. Every car since then has been second hand. I've had my current car five or six years, and hope to keep it to the end.

  10. Congrats on the new car! I always drive manuals so I woudl be bored in an automatic car. I love Subaru red though! Enjoy! Annster's Domain

  11. You would think virtue should be rewarded but I swear it gives the gods a good laugh fest to carry on screwing up our lives. A new car sounds a bit overwhelming. Trust the Pat to carry on regardless.

  12. I really need to take a moment and well maybe more moments before I collect myself off the floor and stop laughing hysterically. Then and maybe only then can I comment.

  13. Wow a new car, duck eggs and fireplace drama. You have been busy! Congrats on the red I. Cars are ridiculously expensive. Glad the Butter is getting his man crush thing on. Silly beastie!

  14. That stinks about the faulty flue. I hope it's not expensive to fix.

  15. Congrats on the new Subaru! I know the sticker is a shock, but you got one of the most reliable vehicles in the market. I would have one if I didn't need to haul around equipment! All wheel drive will make the commute better for your weather too! If the video ever happens, I would love to see!

  16. Congrats on the new car...I think. The outlay of money takes all the fun out of it! I take it Peanut is a dog? I am just getting into fermenting. I always wanted to but thought I needed one of those big pickle/sauerkraut crocks which I could never afford. Now you can do it in mason jars! Whoopee! Do you have recipes or are you one of those creative cooks? I'm anal and need recipes and rarely accomplish anything but the planning....oh, how I love a good planning session.
    I love all your quotes and the cartoons are great! I borrowed your Organic sign to put on my blog...I hope you don't mind. I hope things go better for you this week. I keep trying to 'budget' but why? Something always takes any leftover money and more! I think I am going to have to make some more my basement! LOL! Take care and I hope the Spring and warm temperature gods smile on you!

  17. you must be getting all of our rain! we are bone dry. and we had next to no snow. i hope you have excellent luck with the new car!

  18. That was funny! We bought 2 used subarus, love them both. Saved a ton, and very reliable

  19. I still imagine I can faintly smell new car smell in my 1997 Cummins 4x4. It’s very very faint, under the smell of cow manure, wood chips, spilled Pepsi, bad air freshener and assorted carpet cleaner. I vowed never to get carpet in a Work truck. Then what did I do?
    I still love driving the old girl and hearing the rattle of the diesel.

    Congrats on your outstanding behavior, that carrot stuff looks awesome.