Monday, May 20, 2019

Tip-toe between the raindrops. As if.

Don't look now, Ma, but it's
raining again.
Other than Saturday, the weekend weather was shite.  I found myself puttering around in the house, listening intently for the intermittent let-up of the rain - so I could vault outside and DO SOMETHING.  Friday was pretty much a wash (pardon the pun), but it did clear up at the very end of the day so that I could move the bale of wood shavings into the shed next to the coop and a 50# bag of chicken food into the bin.  That was pretty much it.  I made a quick trip up to Marianne's to pick up my tomato plants and drop off some how-tos on hard-boiling and peeling quail eggs, should anyone wonder.

The Belden Farm farmstand, built with
leftover old windows.  Quail eggs (Baby Blues)
on the front left.
I have not heard whether or not we sold any.  I think we'll have better luck when they are included at the farmers market.  In the name of research, I whipped up a batch of Bourbon Pickled Quail Eggs.  Because, why not?  I will let you know how they turn out when they are ready to be tasted - in a couple of days.

Saturday dawned blissfully dry.  Good thing, too, as my dear sis was coming to help me clean out the chicken coop.  We had tried a new method, thanks to her clever brain, where I lined the floor last fall with a heavy-duty tarp.  In my mind (so often not grounded in reality), all we would have to do is grasp the ends of the tarp and drag the whole hot mess out.  That could have 'possibly' worked, had we not had a winter full of Arctic blasts, where all 30 chickens and two ducks were coop-bound for days.  The accumulated mess had the heft and make-up of a cement/epoxy mix.  We did end up shoveling out about three large wheelbarrow loads, but it was much easier when we were finally able to haul out the tarp.  The cement floor was clean, there was no scraping and swearing, and we actually had fun doing it.  The fall clean up is always much easier, as they are all outdoor spreading the love.  After that, I did some potting up of plants and fired up the electric netting so that the sheep would get some greens.  By the time I turned around, it was early evening and I hadn't gotten even half my list accomplished.  Oh, well, said I.  There's always tomorrow.

Which dawned ... wet.  The rain was not supposed to start until early evening, bringing with it strong storms.  Instead, it rained from before dawn through most of the morning, with a brief clearing spell around noon.  When it became summer.  I really do miss spring.  It was so nice when we had it - back in the Stone Age.  I managed to get the rest of the raised bed frames completed, although they are not ready to plant yet.  I lassoed a neighbor (who had the bad timing of driving up to have me meet his new dog - from the rescue I work with - woot!) into helping me put up my trellis for my beans.  The new plan (what is this, Double ZZ by now?) is to finish cleaning up the three main beds this week, planting most of my seeds and seedlings over the holiday weekend.  Including my 14 tomato plants.

During the endless bouts of rain, I painted my front door a color sure to perk me up whenever I looked at it.  It gloweth!
Either a little bit o' sunshine
a smear of yellow mustard...
We managed to avoid the severe thunderstorms, thank goodness, but today is another one of those rain-all-morning, wait until I am safely in my office for the sun to appear, then more severe storms day.  I'm hoping for at least a few opportunities to work frantically in my raised beds this week.  Wednesday we play the hospice shuffle - my sister and niece have to head to Massachusetts at the crack of dawn, Mom has a doctor's appointment in the city (chauffeured by moi), lunch has to be arranged, caregivers scheduled to stay with Dad.  Nothing is easy when you are dealing with dementia and the elderly.  I think we have everything under control (and I only say this because my sister is in charge - not I).  I am looking forward to folding my aging mother into my low-rider. 


  1. i guess it is that time of year. i cleaned my garage, garage bathroom and basement this weekend...woohoo...what fun. not! we were supposed to get tons of much needed rain but it mostly missed us and found you!

  2. I love the front door color!!! We also are getting rain, rain and more rain...I am fed up with it and waiting for some sunshine someday! Have a great week!

  3. Your yellow front door is fabulous! I recently watched this video about eggs. Might be helpful.

  4. well, it is bright! not my fav but better than orange and lime green, my mother's two favorite colors and better yet, together. good job on getting those raised beds done. I totally bailed on mine. maybe this fall.

  5. Love all three things pictured!

  6. I've eaten and peeled a lot of quail eggs over the years, always in foreign countries, but I've never seen them boiled. I assume it is much like chicken eggs only shorter.

    I've never had one pickled in bourbon. Definitely let me know how that tastes.

  7. The front door was a 'brilliant" idea. Good luck with the care and feeding of the parents. I am just back from U.K. visiting my 93 yr old Dad. He is as happy as a clam, blissfully unaware of the strain on my siblings.

  8. I had to come back today and check. I wrote a wonderful comment on your blog about this time yesterday. And we had high winds and rain and more wind. My modem went into the ether and even though it was right here in front of me on my screen . "Post you blanky blanky blank!" OH HECK NO!

    Since never will I be able to recollect and rewrite such poetic perfection I will now say "good job, great color on door, good daughter and Go Quails!"

  9. I don't know how you're getting ANYTHING done outside with the rain you've had. Squish, squish, you and the dogs must all be wallowing in m.u.d. (Oh, how I hate mud.)

    I am another vote for your front door color. Anything bright yellow is great in my book.

    So how did the pickled quail eggs turn out. Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. Oh the chicken coop story tickled my funny bone. I guess I never thought about what to do about months of poop droppings.