Monday, August 5, 2019

Stand back! It's going to get messy...

Today's lunch.

Today's lunch was more or less a bunch of leftovers thrown in a bag and toted to work for assembly.  I had made Zucchini Parmesan Squares (gluten free) and they did not rise as much as hoped.  I believe it's the homemade baking powder, as everything I've made with it has been rather flat.  However, it tastes great, so I declared it thick bread and made my first tomato sandwich of the summer.  With my one ripe tomato.

I am trying to get my mind organized for the coming week, which is lining up to be a humdinger.  Today is normal.  Tomorrow I pick up my sister at the crap of dawn for our annual trip to the NH Craftsman (people) Fair.  It is a two hour drive and we arm ourselves with lattes and chatter the whole trip - it is a great time to work out the intricacies of family matters and just have fun.  This year, it is also her birthday.  Wednesday, a whole crew is coming up to the office from the city to work out the impending (or eventual) move.  Thursday I race around on my lunch hour to deliver dog stuff to the rescue I work with.  Friday, I get to meet Els' husband in a town not too far from work for dinner!  He has been cycling with a group on a northern route from Oregon to Boston.  It's been fascinating to follow them via their daily journal.  Kees is the only cycler with a yellow-framed bike.  I haven't seen him for over 11 years either, so this will be a wonderful opportunity to catch up. 

I may collapse from all the socializing on the weekend.  Or clean out my upright freezer and put it on Craigslist.  If I don't redirect some of the tsunami of items that have been cast upon me soon, I may collapse under the weight of it all - real or psychic.


  1. At least you've got a plan for your week and know what's coming. The worst weeks are those when totally unexpected events occur and your brain bonks around from side to side in your head trying to assimilate it all. (Well, at least that's what happens to me. I don't go with the flow easily.)

    Congrats on your first garden tomato. That's a real accomplishment in my book!

    1. That's very true, Mama Pea. I think I'm too tired for brain bonking right now. Having everything thrown on its ear has made me numb.

  2. Although we don't have a garden this year, others have taken pity on us without a kitchen and dropped off stuff. Just got done eating chicken fajita filling made from local produce and local chicken. I just plopped it in a bowl and dug in. I like this time of year.

  3. i'm up to my eyeballs in tomatoes and loving it! sounds like a fun week!

  4. just one day at a time. if that's too overwhelming, one hour at a time.

  5. That mater sammie must have been wunnerful!

  6. The first tomato sandwich of the year!! I haven't experienced mine yet, but congrats on yours. Just take it one day at a time this week. :) -Jenn

  7. I am a "come lately" to the joys of tomato sandwiches - having just discovered them this summer - I am 72 and have never had a tomato sandwich!! Someone failed me in my early development, I tell you. Now I have to play catch up! (Or is it Katsup - haha). Have you ever made catsup???