Monday, May 17, 2010

The Pheromones Didn't Stand a Chance

I met a fellow for coffee on Saturday - after much urging from friends. Since I tied it in with my list of errands, I had pretty much discounted anything significant coming out of the meeting. And I brought Scrappy along for added insurance. He is (usually) my dud-finder. On this occasion, however, he spent most of his time rolling around in the grass, waving all four paws in the air and looking ridiculous. But he was also reserved around Mr. Saturday, so that was a red flag. So was the non-stop monologue about himself with no questions about me, my life, likes, etc. I hold to the belief that chemistry is VERY important, so I also count on my pheromones. They, however, wilted under the onslaught of heavy, overpowering, cloyingly pungent aftershave. If there had been any frisky pheromones, they didn't stand a chance.


  1. Too freakin' funny...

    (Your description - NOT the lack of results...)

  2. I'm sorry (all you decent males out there), but ego-mania is a rampant disease among men.

    WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?? If I were meeting someone "of interest" for the first time, I would want to learn all I could about THEM. I already know everything about me so why in the world would I want to listen to a dialogue about myself?? What is a person like Mr. Saturday thinking?

    I, too, have trouble (as so many females do) standing up for/taking care of myself and saying the "N" word, but I think I just may have cut Mr. Saturday off about halfway through his me-me-me monologue and said I had something (anything!) better to do with my time.

  3. So true, Mama Pea, about standing up for/taking care of/N. Should there be another Mr. Saturday (most probably), I think I WILL cut him short. In a way, it's like mercy rudeness, as I don't think these yahoos have any idea that they're not making a good impression. Maybe something like, "this has been fun, but it's also reminded me I have a ton of manure to shovel at home..."!

  4. GREAT line to use! Do ya think he will get it??