Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tender Green

As it is every spring, all the tender green leaves seem to pop out overnight. I love the color of the early leaves - so indescribably tender green. This is the view down my road. I am always grateful that I ended up in such a beautiful place. My morning and evening walks with the dogs allow me to center, calm down, shed worries. They also allow Scrappy to 'mark' every other blade of grass, both coming and going on our long walks. He is more relaxed on our morning walk, since it is an apres breakfast walk. Evening walks are a little more - "look, let's get going here - I've done everything and now I want dinner" - fast-paced. Depending on the weather, Bernie is just thrilled to be outside. But thunderstorm weather makes her very anxious, so we just manage to get the basics done. Speaking of 'marking', I was thinking this morning of how much like alpha male dogs my two road neighbors are. They have nailed up countless No Trespassing signs branding their property. Makes me think of Scrappy, methodically lifting his leg on every other tree, although he has many more positive attributes than my neighbors. But, I digress. The actual morning I was waxing poetic about my tender green spring, I did not have my camera at hand. This was taken this morning and, while it still is tender and green, it has also turned into March - with low 30s and - gasp - snow this morning! We have also added a barn cat, Gigi, to the menagerie. I have decided to use "we" every time I add another resident because it makes it seem less like lunacy on my part if there are more people involved. Which, of course, there is not. She is the first of two I have adopted - Joey still has some recovery to do at the vet's. They were two of many barn/feral cats on a property with two barns that was sold and they all had to go or else. I ask you, how could I say no? Gigi is in a nice, large crate, with comfy thick towel, litter box, food and water. After listening to the wind howl last night as this cold front motored in, I trotted out with a wool blanket, which is now covering the crate. It's pretty cozy in there, with all the hay, but I think it's better to have a sheltered spot where she can feel less vulnerable. I will take her picture when she is more settled in.

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