Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Evidence

Boy, nothing like pictures to show you everything that wasn't done, still has to be done, ought to be done.  But we have a good start and I am now inspired to simplify my space to where I feel blissful.

Looking across LR - the bookcase had been to far left, with long table (holding TV/DVD) to right.
Front door is to the right.  You will notice a cat on every piece of furniture

Table now behind sofa (upon which I need to do some adjusting of covers...)
This pic was taken from the hallway.

LR "area", complete with two cats.  Still needs work (as in de-cluttering)
but I am making progress!

Half-wall in dining area leading to kitchen on right.  Sans Pie Safe.
I will take more once I get more natural light. I was up until 11p trying to put the goldarn Snow Wolf together. That experience deserves a separate post.

Since I was running around with my camera - here's more evidence...

The New and Improved Goat Gate (with triple bungee closing, thanks
to Chickie's discovery that he can push it open with one bungee)
Run In Shed - partially sided.  The facing boards need to be trimmed.

So there you are.  The evidence.  I now have to pull on my Carharts and muster the courage to tackle the 6 plus inches of snow that was predicted as a "light covering".  It's Woman and Snow Wolf against the elements! 


  1. I think it looks like things are coming along! Now pull out those Carhartts...did you get the snow that was predicted?

    I love that there is a cat in all the pictures. Looks like a cozy, homey place!

  2. How inspiring! You make me want to get up off my tush and move some furniture--um, maybe I'll just dust! It looks like your cat does an excellent job of holding your sofa in place!

  3. Yeah! Amazing what fresh eyes can do. Now, really...6 inches? I can not believe your snow shoveling/wolfing? has begun!

  4. Hey! There were no cats in the "pie safe" picture! I think you need more cats!

    Thanks for the pictures.....I feel like such a peeping-tom when I get to see inside other blogger's homes, but oh well.

  5. MamaTea - Oh, yes. We got six inches. It was lovely, though.

    Hoosier Girl - Dust isn't the half of it! I dread the thought of cleaning out under the hutch - oooh, what creepies lurk in there....

    APG - Me neither. It's been almost balmy for days. It poured all night then turned to snow.

    CR - NO MORE CATS. Amen.

  6. Inside the house I see a big dose of COZY comin' on. Perfect for this time of year. Keep us updated!

    Outside, super-good preparations for winter. You got 6" of snow??! Holy moley. Take some pictures for us here in the barren north, please.

  7. Thank you for the photos. And I am shocked to see no duct tape used in the arranging of the furniture. I know how you and Sylvie can get when you combine your talents.

  8. All your projects look to be coming along nicely!! Stay warm, I'm sure the cats will! ;-)

  9. I like the pictures of the inside. At least you have something to work with and are making progress!
    And the "Run in shed looks great! I know the animals are happy with it!
    79 degrees here just two days ago and no snow!