Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Learning. Ouch.

If I had a nickel for every time I didn't listen to that little whiny nagging voice in my head, I could retire.  Or at least I could have afforded my car repair bill on Saturday.

A very hectic work week ended with a much-too-exciting trip down my mountain with my brakes feeling like twin Twinkies.  Spongy.  I was very relieved to pull into my driveway in one piece.  Figuring it was just an adjustment needed from my front brake replacement job of last weekend, I did my rounds and had a glass of wine and a tin of kippers for dinner.  (I tell you, there are upsides of singlehood.  No pans, no one expecting more than a dish of kibble.  No one to say, "What in the world??!!  Kippers?" - no, wait, YOU are saying it, aren't you?  Well, I can't hear you - lalalalalalala.)

Saturday's errand list was two pages, so I figured I would stop at the garage first, then zip around and check things off the list and be home in time to zip over to the feed store, shower and go out to dinner with my neighbor.  There tends to be a lot of "zippiness" in my thoughts on weekends.  This is what actually happened:  I spent five hours and mucho dinero at the Bennington Midas.  Having my rear brakes replaced.  I did NOT get to the feed store.  I did NOT go out to dinner.  I did NOT drop off my Goodwill stuff.  Luckily, my dear sister was at our parents' this weekend and was able to come and rescue me once they informed me it would be hours longer.  I was able to shop for our office adopt-a-family (which I love, because it's the only time I get to shop for little ones!) and I did manage to do a Tractor Supply run for scratch feed and bird seed after the brakes were replaced.  And before I was all spongy-braked again.  Back to Midas where they bled the air out of the brake lines.  And, worst of all, I DID NOT BRING MY KNITTING.  That was the cruelest blow.  I had left the house at 9a thinking, "I should bring my knitting - nah, I won't be waiting long enough to make any headway."  Cha-CHING!  Another nickel!  I got home at 3:45p.  I was unhappy.

Sunday wasn't much better, as cheating on my non-gluten diet during the week finally caught up with me - oh, fickle, delusional me.  But I did manage to piece together some board siding on the run-in and put the two upright boards on my cover-my-fuel-oil-tank project.  The rest of the day was low-key, fiddling around with my rearranging projects and doing laundry.  If all goes well (hahahahahahahahaha) I hope to have the run-in shed in finished-enough shape to hold us through winter and have the framework finished on the tank enclosure. 

On an upside note, I think that I have found a great home for Acacia and Coco.  That will leave me with five sheep, which is much less of a feeding expense and will give everyone more pasture next year.  It will also mean that A and C will be getting a lot of individual attention - something that A craves and C needs.  Fingers and hooves are crossed.


  1. I guess it was good that you took the car in on a weekend, rather than find out on a work day that you had to get to work, on an icy road, with no brakes. That would not have been fun. And I will cross my fingers for your sheepies too.

  2. Sorry about the unexpected expense, but YAY for a new home (hopefully) for A and C!!! I need to find a new home for 2-3 sheep as well....

  3. It's hard to give up our animals, but good knowing that they are going to get some lov'n. I've also been thinking of reducing my goat herd by at least one. It's a hard decision, but usually for the best.
    Glad your vehicle didn't go kareeming down the hilside and you're safe!

  4. Wine and kippers for dinner? Sounds LOVELY to me! :)
    What a bummer about the car repairs ruining your weekend to-do projects.
    Fingers are crossed here for your sheepies too!

  5. I won't tell you what I eat when left to my own devices - but we do have the wine in common!

    No fun on the brake repair, but better to take it in and have it dealt with before you slide out of control into a tree! Going in for new tires tomorrow myself...

  6. sigh... when it rains it pours. Didn't someone once say that? Glad you at least got the brakes fixed before anything REALLY bad happened. But it still isn't fun.
    Have another glass of wine. It's OK.

  7. So . . . you really don't ever have any down time, do you? You are not a good influence on me. After reading your posts, I feel like I should have "SLOTH" tattooed on my forehead.

  8. Mama Pea - move over so the tattoo lady can do my forehead too! Is it true it's not over till the tattoo lady sings? Glad you have brakes and fun shopping for little ones but the kippers is where I draw the line. Nope can't look at ah kipper, I would put it on my hook and cast it out upon the waters. I need to look into gettin some of that 'zippiness'.

  9. I admit I cringed at kippers... ewwwww! LOL this coming from the girl that eats raw potatoes like an apple so take that with a grain of salt :) Terrible indeed that you forgot your knitting but I'm very very glad you got those brakes done!