Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Move over Bob the Builder!

There's a new game (dame?) in town -- Sue the (con)Structor!  Yet another surprise met me at the door last week.  (All these surprises being delivered to my door is wreaking havoc on the interior of my house - the dog alarms take umbrage with anyone approaching the door!)  I was calm enough, letting the dogs out, changing into barn clothes - all the while keeping the box just inside my range of sight.  After everyone was fed, watered and locked up tight for the night, I rushed inside and opened it.

Meet Sue the (con)Structor's sidekick, Drillie:

OMG!  Yes, I am not ashamed to say that I managed to drop the hint that I would really like an 18V Makita driver/drill about a million times.  It really works, when you add a lot of sighing and draping tragically across each page of your posts regarding building.  You know, if I hadn't gone into amateur homesteading, I could have been a silent film star.  It is difficult not to put an exclamation point (!) after every mention of this amazing driver/drill (!)  It weighs only a little bit over 3 lbs.  It fits my hand like a glove.  It came with two batteries.  The charger charged the battery that was totally drained in under 15 minutes.  (!!!!!)  If it hadn't been raining the morning after I got it, I would have been out there driving home all the 4" screws that my wimpy driver/drill couldn't manage.  Poor thing, old drillie.  I have had ample opportunity over the weekend to put new Drillie to the test - it's almost scary how fast the screws go in!

Maybe I should start to wax poetic about Tattler canning lids?

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  1. Neat! And Handy!!
    And I like exclamation marks too!!!
    And have fun with the new drill!!!!
    And before I forget---Merry Christmas!!!!!

  2. Would you like your post title to be, "Move IN, Bob the Builder?" Oh, so sorry. That was really lame, but I couldn't resist.

    That's one serious looking drill you now have in your possession, Lady! Your building projects should now proceed at a much faster pace. (Can you imagine how S-L-O-W putting in screws must have been BEFORE power drills? Boggles the mind!)

  3. Sue - Thank you!!! And Merry Christmas to you, too!!!!!! heehee

    Mama Pea - Actually, yes I would. What I wouldn't give for an extra pair of hands - for ALL their uses...;o) I don't have the hand strength any more to use (gasp) a manual screw driver for more than just small jobs. Drillie has been such a help!

  4. Wow - impressive.

    I think I have drill envy. I had to put up a mini-blind on Sunday evening. I was able to use existing holes for the two end brackets but the bracket in the middle? I started the hole with a nail and then twisted the screws in with my own brute strength (while standing on top of the newly finished dresser!!!)

  5. Jenyfer - You still have brute strength because you are a youngster! And that "new" dresser is amazing - what a nice job you did!

  6. You must have been a very good girl this year!

  7. I am glad you got your Christmas wish. Merry Christmas.

  8. What are you gonna build?? ....and I'd love to hear what you would have to say about the Tattler lids LOL!

  9. Heidi - Isn't it?? I am trying to get used to the sheer power of it!

    Sylvia - Well, I don't know about that. I think it was more the desire to squelch my whining.

    Michelle - Merry Christmas to you, Michelle. I hope you have a very happy holiday.

    dr momi - I am going to post a picture of what I am building. Be careful of what you wish, on those Tattlers....

  10. Oh the things that bring joy to the homestead:)

  11. I definitely have drill envy, what a BEAUT!! Those silly 4-inch screws are almost impossible to get in without the proper power tool, I could never do them by hand.

  12. Tim Taylor would be envious and so am I! Can I brorrow it? Only need it for a month or so!
    I love new tools and I would classify this one as a "A Great Addition" Have fun playing with it!