Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Musings.

It always amazes me - the number of emotions evoked by my drive to work every morning.  One would think that, given the fact that I usually have no distractions (no radio, no music, no phone to ear, and no texting), I would just sail along from Point A to Point B, enjoying the view.  But, no.

I do enjoy the landscape on my mountain road - the Swamp Maples are already turning brilliant red and their reflection in the many small lakes and ponds up there is really just breath-taking.  Then I come around a bend and find myself faced with Men At Work signs.  This particular town is hell-bent on cutting down every other tree, in the way or not.  What really set me off was that they were cutting down apple trees!  There were apples all over the road - WASTE, dagnabit, WASTE. 

Then I find myself behind a large pickup.  The driver must have had a very bad experience with the left side of the road, since he spent the next six miles on the wrong side of the double yellow lines.  It didn't seem to bother him in the least bit - but my hair was on end the entire trip - this is a very winding road, with no way of knowing if there is someone else coming toward you around the bends.  I assumed he was either very challenged; had started his morning with a few cups of Irish coffee; or was functioning on short bursts of awareness (the rest of the time being focused on some hand-held device).  It was nerve-wracking.

THEN, I came across a nice, neat pile of trash waiting to be picked up.  Two giant-sized disposable diaper boxes, crammed full of garbage.  Well, let me tell you, if you want to set me off, bring up the subject of disposable diapers.  And there they sat.  The ONLY part of the product that was recyclable (the box) was being used to toss the despicable end product.  Let me tell you, the only thing worse for mankind than the invention of the disposable diaper was the invention of Styrofoam.  Why this country allows mega companies to manufacture and reap the financial bounty of a product that is heaved in stinking piles on Mt. Everest-sized landfills, instead of insisting they recycle them, is just beyond belief.

I was completely exhausted by the time I finally reached the office.  Now I can rest....


  1. Hope your drive home is more relaxing ..........

  2. TL - Maybe, if I kept my eyes closed....

  3. Glad my commute is mild by comparison! I would do lots of deep breathing and chant "this too shall pass, this too shall pass".... :)

  4. That would be a bit stressful, especially the loss of those apple trees. :(
    One more "worst invention," plastic shopping bags. They are EVERYWHERE caught up in the mesquite trees around here. Grrrr...