Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Giveaway!

Just to perk up Friday, I am giving away....

I unleased my inner wild a long time ago, so it's time to pass the torch.  And the book.  While I am not a fan of her magazine, I like most of her books. 

If you would like to be in the drawing, just leave a wild comment below.  Cut-off date for entry is Saturday, midnight.  The winner will be chosen by completely tame but unscientific methods and announced on Sunday!


  1. Oh pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!!!! Imagine me waving my arm in the air like a second grader. :)

  2. Whooooeeeee - waving both arms in air.
    I have lots of wild to let out.

  3. Thanks, but no thanks. Nuh-uh, no way do I want that book because my husband would take one look at that spiffy wall tent complete with wood stove and floor and he would decide we should sell our place here and go live in the wild in a tent just like that. He'd love it. (Men and their silly ideas!)

  4. A completely wild comment? hmm... turkey, strawberries, raspberries, child(ren), hair, idea, hare, woman, life... I'm sure there are more wild things out there but it's been a long week and I think I have tomato poisoning... I think that happens when you process too many tomatoes in a week, doesn't it???

  5. "wild thing, I think I love you, but I wanna know for sure..."

    fullfreezer's comment about "more wild things out there" suddenly brought a wild guitar sound into my head. Next thing you know, I am singing along with that wild guitar. I think that is the wildest I can get this evening what with being exhausted after all the wild and crazy things going on in my life lately. Uh oh, now all I can see is Steve Martin doing his comedy act. Now he is dancing across the stage with Gilda Radner. I always thought they were just as good as (some might say better) Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Oh brother, I think I have to end thought leads to another then to another...I could be at this all night long!! :-)

    Valerie from PA

  6. MMMMMM...can't think of a wild comment...I think my wild's just about out of me!

    I'm not crazy about the mags myself...didn't know about the books...but if you say they're ok I wouldn't mind having a look.

  7. Thanks, but no thanks. I'm kind of over MJB. It's all an illusion, the tent, etc. One strong wind and kiss it goodbye!

  8. I'll read Have heard you mention MJB before but am not familiar with her stuff so this would be a good way to check her out. :)