Friday, December 14, 2012

A tear in the fabric.

It does seem that the very fabric of all that's good and precious in this world is starting to tear at the seams.  The endless, senseless violence and carnage that seems to be occurring every day paints a grim picture of what we have become.  You can argue the usual suspects: violent computer games, unsupervised children, a disassociation from compassion.  But the fact is that violent/disassociated young adults + unlimited access to automatic weapons = 18 children gunned down in their elementary school.  We may never know what caused this tragedy, but does it really matter what the cause?  Our society better sit up and smell the coffee.  And we better ALL sit up and make our government tackle the gun problem.  There is NO reason WHATSOEVER for any person to have access to an semi-automatic or automatic weapon or a handgun.  None. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to the parents, siblings, family, and friends of those lost in Newtown. 


  1. This is indeed another senseless tragedy...

  2. If only it was as easy for young people to access mental health care as it is for them to get a gun.


  3. There are simply no words to console the families of those lost. We need more control of who gets weapons but we also need to examine the deeper causes and address WHY some people go off that way. Unfortunately, the people who are inclined to do that sort of thing will use what weapon they have at hand.

  4. Amen to mental health help too. Many of the high poverty kids I work with have addicts for parents, or are in and out of jail. Makes for seriously messed-up kids. Not too mention easy access to weapons. Makes me sick...

  5. I agree. Assault weapons should absolutely not be available to anyone who can plunk down the money to purchase same. But there have been atrocities committed with knives, bats, bombs, acid and torture. Gun control isn't the total answer. It's a bandaid for a sick society.

  6. it is definitely an issue for addressing mental health care.

    1. btw...having a handgun once saved my life so I am extremly ANTI gun control.