Saturday, August 3, 2013

A labor of love? Meh.

You know how you see some recipe in a magazine and you just HAVE to make it?  Even though the directions seem too easy to be true?  And you just ignore that niggling little voice in your mind because your eyes are glued to the glossy food photo?

Welcome to my world.  Someone at work gave me their copy of Woman's Day Magazine and there - glowing up at me - was the Frozen Yogurt Banana Split.  Did I say that it was on one of those 98+ degree days that I first set eyes on it?  No?  Well, maybe I can blame it all on the weather ...

Top to bottom:  Pineapple yogurt/strawberry yogurt/
banana/chocolate yogurt
I was dazzled by the "40 minutes Active" "40 minutes Total".  I completely disregarded the (plus freezing) line that was not in bold print.  I have very little time to cook during the week.  If it wasn't for the fact that I get up every morning around 4:30A, I wouldn't get much done other than the homesteady stuff I have to do.  When I finally buckled down last night to tackle this delectable morsel, I knew I was in trouble within 10 minutes.  So I broke it into parts.  I made the first two layers and put them in the fridge.  I lined my pan with parchment paper.  I double-checked all my ingredients.  I washed countless appliance parts and bowls.  I fell into bed at 10:30P.

The shine was fading off the Frozen Yogurt Banana Split.

Last night, interspersed with two glasses of wine, I finally finished putting it together - once again at 10:30P.  Into the freezer it went (me saying, "good riddance" - not a good sign).  This morning, I haul it out and, although it did, indeed, look like the photograph (mine is a lot less sexy), it took 20 minutes to 'gently lift' it out of the pan.  There was nothing gentle about its removal, let me tell you.  However, I did control my urge to hack it out of the pan with tools, and I did manage to get it mostly out in one piece.

The taste?  Meh.

This reminds me, in hindsight, painfully (Isn't that redundant?  Pain/hindsight?), of my venture into fine French cooking in my mid-20s.  I had labored mightily (with expensive ingredients) over "Roasted Duck Potage" for three days, only to have my then (and now ex) husband say, "Gee, this is pretty good.  What is it?  Duck soup?"  Sacrebleu!


  1. (laughing...) Oh yeah, been there done that. Seduced by the glossy photo.


    Bet the wine was the best part of that whole experiment @;)

  2. Well, your photo looks pretty darned nice. Too bad it didn't Wow ya like you thought it would. There are so many "Oh, I GOT to try that recipe!" I see in those fancy magazines but am either too lazy to try them, or the ones I tried are like you said...."eh". I tend to stick to recipes from friends....who have usually already given it the REAL taste test. I believe them more than the $4 glossy magazines in the stores.

    Oh, I would have paid good money to see you trying to hack that frozen concoction out of the pan.

  3. I have a whole binder of those recipes. And, now we have Pinterest! It's the worst kind of tantalizer.

  4. Wonder if anyone ever eats what in the magazine photo, probably doesn't taste good due to ingredients they use to make it hold up under bright lights, LOL.

    Did you try dipping the pan in some hot water to release it?

  5. Sometimes it just isn't worth it! Try this is easy and yummy- Easy Orange Charlotte, it's great! I'll post about it shortly...

  6. Ha-too funny.---Not that you suffered through all that---just the way you write.
    We've all been there, dear. And some of us (moi) never learn.
    All these years SHOULD HAVE taught me that anything more than 5 ingredients, or 3 steps ---IS NOT WORTH IT.
    But, 10 to 1 says by next month, my butt will be in the kitchen at 4 am trying to piece together some stupid recipe with 15 ingredients (4 of which I had to buy JUST FOR THAT RECIPE!)
    Your recipe LOOKED delicious. I guess that's the first clue......

  7. What to do though, right? I get so bored with the stuff I eat all the time that I feel the need to try new stuff. It's so true though. If it doesn't taste so good, it's such a disappointment. And it can take a long time to get rid of it with just 1.5 of us around. Worse is when it takes up valuable time and tastes awful. I reserve the right to pitch it without remorse or guilt.