Thursday, August 8, 2013

I spent the day with Nonagenerians...

and I had a ball!  (Please hold your snorts.)  Yesterday, I drove my parents (the above-mentioned nonagenarians) up to Dorset, VT to see Barefoot in the Park at the Dorset Theatre Festival.  It was fun!!  And I made some pithy observations about spending the day with elderly people:

One.  They may move slowly, but they are endlessly courteous, attentive to those even older than they, and are wonderfully polite.

Two.  They open doors for everyone.  There is no pushing or cutting in line.

Three.  In the ladies room, they even wiped down the sink tops when they finished washing their hands!!!

Four.  They appreciated the humor and talent, laughed out loud, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Five.  They whistled at the cast (especially the nubile leading lady) and stomped their canes on the floor in pure enthusiastic enjoyment.

Six.  The lady sitting next to my mother helped her on with her jacket and patted her hand in comradeship.

It just made me feel all rosy.



  1. Yes-that generation certainly had manners and was able to enjoy life thoroughly. That kind of courtesy is woefully absent nowadays.

    Glad you had fun!

  2. Your beautiful nonagenarians are products of their culture. A culture we have very sadly and woefully lost. I got warm fuzzies reading your post, but then felt much sadness when thinking of our current generation(s). Compare the audience and production you were a part of yesterday to the attendees at a rock concert. How far we have fallen.

    P.S. Wrote my comment before reading Sue's above. Apparently we were both feeling full of woe!

  3. I hope I stay polite as I get older. I tend to get a little miffed when people when others are rude...

  4. I'm still a long way from being a nonagenarian but would have thoroughly enjoyed myself with them! Ahem, I have been known to be guilty of #3 myself. LOL!!

  5. Don't you hope we'll grow up to be kind like them, instead of our usual grumpy selves?? Sounds like all of you had a great time in lovely Dorset.

  6. What a great reminder of good and proper social behavior. Thanks.