Thursday, September 7, 2017

How about something different?

I needed to get my mind off my so-called garden and other, equally distressing topics today.  How about a good, old-fashioned give-away?

My new 'rule' is to confine my cookbooks to a small bookshelf in the kitchen.  If I get a new one, one has to go - besides, there wasn't room to squeeze them in!  Here's what is in offer:

Also up for grabs are three lovely - and sturdy - chicken saddles.  I had had a particularly hard time keeping one of my hens in back feathers when I had the two lunatic roosters in the chicken yard.  The saddles came in a pack of five and, at the most, I only needed two.  So there are three available.  They are brand-spankin new:

Leave a comment as to which item you would like and I will choose the winners Sunday and announce them Monday.  The give-away is open to the U.S. and Canada.

Bon chance!


  1. Raw energy! I had a dream this morning that I was out working in my garden in the mud! That would take some raw energy!!!!

  2. Have six pullets almost ready for coop. Chicken saddles please.

  3. Raw energy!!! Always needing new recipes.

  4. Susan - i'd love Claire's corner copia - although we aren't vegetarian, we eat a lot of vegetarian meals. and that book looks like it is full of good recipes. thank you for such a great giveaway!

    sending love! your friend,

  5. oh...and thanks for including canada!

  6. Claire's Corner Copia! My vegetarian daughter's would appreciate some new dishes perhaps. Thanks for the drawing by the way.

  7. I'd like to arm wrestle Kymber for the draw on the Claire's Corner cookbook. It looks like it might have some interesting recipes. Thanks for the fun post.

    1. cee-rap! it always comes down to arm-wrestling - bahahah! better increase my number of reps on my pull-ups!!! xo

  8. Cool giveaway, Sweezie! Please don't put my name in the hat 'cause I have waaaay too many cook books and not enough time to cook . . . although that may actually be changing soon. I hope. Along with any and all eager eaters around here, I'm betting.

    Chicken saddles, eh? I've never seen one of those in actual use. Maybe one should put them wrong side up on the roosters. Ha, that would confuse them and maybe, in short order, eliminate the lose of back feathers on the hens! (But then you'd have to call in psychiatric help for the roosters.)

  9. I don't want to enter your giveaway, but I just had to thank you for giving this city girl a good chuckle. "Chicken saddles" brought forth visions of ... I'm not really sure what. Frogs riding chicken-back? A mouse hitching a ride on a chicken?

  10. Claire's please. I have a grand girl who is quite the cook and eats vegetarian. Since I have more than enough cookbooks in my life at my age I will happily pass it on to Claire. Oh yup grand girl is named Claire. Personally I think the chicken saddles are kinda cute but my Roo is a perfect gentleman. Rock on Garth!

  11. Hi Susan :) How sweet of you to offer a giveaway. I don't think I could keep to the one shelf rule for fact, we hit the thrift stores yesterday and I acquired EIGHT new ones lol...I'd like to be in the Claire giveaway please!!! :) I wish I had chickens for the saddles!!