Friday, March 9, 2018

UNCLE, already! Or, Snow is a Four Letter Word.

View of my deck
On Wednesday, we got over 20 inches of snow.  That's on top of the 15-18 inches we got the Friday before.  When I left for the office this morning, it was snowing.  UNCLE!  I give!  Now someone had the audacity to tell me we may be facing another nor'easter on Monday.  They don't know how close they were to getting a thumping.  Even the mention of snow raises my hackles to spectacular levels.
What?  Snow, again?
We are all getting cabin fever and my shoulders and back are taking a beating.  Wednesday night, after heavy, non-stop s-word since morning, I shoveled my front deck and path by porch light and realized that the carport might not be able to take much more, if it was to snow all night.  I went in, clamped on my head lamp and grabbed the roof rake.  I then proceeded to inch through almost waist-deep s-word while I scraped off over 18 inches of snow.  I went inside and enjoyed an adult beverage and worried and fussed until about midnight, when I finally convinced myself I did not have it in my power to stop the s-word, and went to bed.

Thanks to shoveling the front and back decks (or parts thereof) at least six times during the storm, I was not trapped in the house.  Unfortunately, the snow was thigh deep everywhere else, so getting out to feed the sheep, ducks and chickens proved to be quite challenging.  My farmer neighbor showed up with his plow around noon and slowly, but surely cleared the driveway.  I then strapped snowshoes on and plied the roof rake to all I could reach.  I'm holding my breath that the run-in shed will hold up under the load and that a small break in this onslaught will allow some of the snow to disappear before we get more.  I am so over this weather.
So is Slimmie
Even the extra knitting time
is not making me feel better.


Michelle said...


Toni said...

But I bet your knitting has really improved!

My daughter can only tell where her car is by the wipers she put straight up before the storms. Crazy weather.

Mama Pea said...

You're gonna remember this winter (with a glass of "courage" in hand) for a long time! How I wish we were closer so we could all come help out. When you get as much snow as you've had, you do start to worry about roofs/buildings holding up under the weight. Keep raking the snow off the run-in shed as much as you can. Do you have snowshoes? A red flag to tie on a light-weight pole fastened to your belt?? Hang in there and keep sending updates.

Tewshooz said...

Wow! I lived thru the blizzard of '47 on Long Island with 4 feet overnight. As a kid I thought it was great, my parents not so I know why. It is snowing here now, but nothing like you are experiencing. Keep knitting.

tpals said...

My son suggests investing in a flamethrower. ;)

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh dear girl, stay safe! Sure hope you guys get a break from the nasty weather soon.

Theresa said...

I lived through the storm of 78, but I have to admit, thigh deep snow is a know. I've had to deal with it more mornings than I care to remember going out to throw hay and grain to horses and goats. Makes you rethink farm animals, at least it did me. I cut my horse numbers down from 5 to 2.
Cute Slimmie pic, even cuter socks!

Goatldi said...

Nice socks. I feel your pain. When I was a young wild thing I ran away with my best friend and we lived in Woodstock NY for a winter. Then in 2005 or so I spent two weeks in Mass with a friend and drove through a mother of all across the state. I gleaned a good idea of what you are going through and strangely enough I enjoyed it. For that you can call me crazy.
If I thought Amazon could get it through I would send you a case of assorted adult beverages and a years supply of Interweave Knits to see you through.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

oh no! and we have nothing! and i'm the one that wants it. it's just not fair! hang in there...i hear that spring is on the way!