Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Beauty of the Blogosphere.

It continually amazes me that there is such a wealth of knowledge and diversity being blogged every day.  Although there are times when I curse the computer - especially those times where I sit down for a minute and get up having lost 2 hours - it has allowed me to meet wonderful people, read funny and heartwarming stories, find support and humor when I needed it, and realize how small and amazing our world is.  One of my biggest support needs, it turns out, is gardening help.  I have just started back gardening this year, after a many-year hiatus (waaaaay back in Ohio, over 17 years ago) and I have forgotten everything I ever knew.  Which wasn't much to start with. 
  This brings me to my most pressing problem - Zucchini.  While most people quake and run for cover when the word "zucchini" enters the conversation, I lust after them.  I was so excited when I planted my four healthy plants in my new raised beds, fortified with llama 'beans'.  I was even more excited when all the flowers opened and small fruit began to form.  Then I watched in horror as they shriveled, turned yellow and fell off.  I thought I would cry.  I Googled the affliction and came up with lack of nitrogen.  This seemed odd, since they were planted on a firm foundation of 'beans', compost and all manner of organic nitrogen-rich material.  Then I received a lovely email from Susy at Chiot's Run.  She wrote in response to my comment on her blog.  Turns out, it's a pollination problem.  I have my paint brush ready and, raging humidity or not, I will be pollinating my zucchini blossoms tonight!  (And just where are my bees???)  I highly recommend her blog - lots of useful information and beautiful photography.  Thanks, Susy!

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